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Grub Hoe, Hoss Wheel Hoe, Grape Hoe | more Garden Tools
Grub Hoe | Grubbing Hoe | Digging Hoes and Trenching Hoes
Hoss Wheel Hoe | Wheel Cultivator | Discounted packages
Hoss Garden Seeder | Hoss Planter | Discounted packages
Unbreakable Broadfork | Adjustable Broadfork | Easy Digging
HISCO Professional Shovels & Spades | In Stock | Free Shipping
HISCO Round Point Digging Shovel | HIRP14L and HIRP14D
HISCO Square Point Scoop Shovel | HISP2L and HISP2D
HISCO Sharp Shooter Shovel | HISS14L and HISS14D
HISCO Garden Spade or Shovel | HIGS2L and HIGS2D
Bottom Digger Trenching Shovel | Fast and easy trench cleanout tool.
Italian Grape Hoe | Fast garden weeding | Easy Digging
Wheel Hoe Attachments | Hoss Wheel Cultivator Accessories
Picks and Mattocks | Special long handles | Garden Mattock
Ergonomic Snow Shovel Adapter | Easy to use | Shovelution
Chillington Fork Hoe | Canterbury Forks | Easy Digging
Ploskorez gardening hoe | Stainless steel blade | Long handle
Garden Hoes | Heavy Duty | Easy Digging
Jab Planter | Stand and plant garden seeds | Hand Seeder
Garden Cart and Wagon | Haul large loads | All Terrain design
Hand Hoes | Hand Mattock and Fork Cultivator | Two sizes
The Secret of Easy Weeding - Knowing when and how to weed.
Guide to Trenching and Trenchers | tools, shovels, and powered trenchers
Clearance Items from Easy Digging
Files | Sharpeners | Garden Tool Sharpening | Easy Digging
Replacement Hoe Handles | Easy Digging
Kuwa, Gawa, Kue: Hoe used as Okinawan Martial Arts Weapon
HISCO Trenching Shovels | HITACOL4-4 and HIST4-4
Two Prong Hoe | Strawberry Hoes | Forged steel tool head
Pointed Hoe, Triangular Hoe, Ridging Hoes | Easy Digging
International Shipping for Easy Digging
Drainage/ 10 pages
Lawn, Yard, and Garden Drainage Guide | French Drains | Step 1
How To Design a Lawn, Garden, or Yard Drainage System | Step 2
How to dig and install a French drain |
How To Diagram a Yard or Lawn Drainage System | Step 3
French Drain and Drywell Installation Results | Step 4
French drain and Drainage pipe slope - how to grade
Foundation Drainage: correcting slope and downspout problems
Drywells for Landscape Drainage | How to install | Soil drainage test method
Do not use flexible corrugated perforated plastic drain pipe in a French drain
Drainage pipe, drain tile, and fittings for a French drain installation
Information/ 1 pages
Home and Garden Guide: French Drains, Trenchers, and Drainage.
assembly/ 6 pages
Hoss Garden Cultivator Assembly | Row Weeding | Page 4
Hoss Garden Cultivator Assembly | Straddle Weeding | Page 5
Hoss Garden Cultivator Assembly | Single Wheel | Page 1
Hoss Double Wheel Assembly Instructions
Hoss Garden Cultivator Assembly | Handles | Page 2
Hoss Garden Cultivator Assembly | Cultivator Teeth | Page 3
blog/ 18 pages
Just Tooling Around. Blog by Easy Digging about all sorts of interesting stuff.
The Electric Mule : plowing with a winch. Just Tooling Around blog post.
Potato planting and harvesting - Russian style. Just Tooling Around blog post.
Compost Tractor: makes new garden beds. Just Tooling Around blog post.
Fallen Apple Harvester easily picks them up from the ground.
Apple Peeling Machine Reviews - past and present.
The Freeze - Squeeze Juicing Method. Just Tooling Around blog post.
Small-Scale Water Power. Just Tooling Around blog post.
Killer Compost - the Green Bean Herbicide Test. Just Tooling Around blog post.
Wheelbarrows for Camping or Fishing. Just Tooling Around blog post.
Unusual Wheelbarrows for easier hauling. Just Tooling Around blog post.
Wind Generator with No Moving Parts. Just Tooling Around blog post.
Garden Tools: How to store and organize. "Just Tooling Around" blog.
Heavy duty Nutcrackers | Lever and impact style shellers
Cheap Deer Alarm | Made from a rat trap | "Just Tooling Around" blog.
Hoss Garden Disc | Big Wheel Seeder | a sneak peek
Missouri Steam Show | Antique Weeders | "Just Tooling Around" blog.
The Power of the Back Cut: oscillating hoe tips. Just Tooling Around blog post.
history/ 4 pages
Planet Jr. Wheel Hoe History | Page 1 of 4
Planet Jr. Wheel Cultivator History | Page 2 of 4
Planet Jr. Wheel Hoe History | Page 3 of 4
Planet Jr. Wheel Cultivator History | Page 4 of 4
how-to/ 3 pages
How to use a Grub Hoe | Proper grip and action | Easy Digging
How to sharpen a hoe | Easy Digging garden tools
Long Handled Hoes | Ergonomic Tools | Easy Digging
pdf/ 6 pages
reviews/ 2 pages
Wheel Hoe Reviews | Glaser, Hoss, Planet Jr and Valley Oak reviews
Wheel Cultivator Reviews | Hoss, Planet Jr, and Earthway reviews
store/ 4 pages
Garden Tool Catalog for Serious Gardeners | Easy Digging
Guarantee | Privacy Policy | Shipping and Payment | Easy Digging
Contact Information | About Us | Easy Digging
Customer Reviews | Testimonials | Easy Digging
tools/ 3 pages
Bellotto Tools of Brazil | USA Store | Easy Digging
Tramontina Tools of Brazil | USA Store | Easy Digging
Chillington Tools of England | USA Store | Easy Digging