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Since 2007, we've made digging and weeding fast and easy

As a professional or home gardener, you can be confident that these well-designed tools will save you time and be gentle on your body. Our founder, Greg Baka, has personally engineered or selected every tool to be better, stronger, and more efficient. These unique tools may cost a little more, but they will outlast and outperform the common tools.

  • Productive tools get the job done quickly.
  • Strong tools that will last a long time.
  • Family business with 23,200+ customers.

Introducing ourselves

My name is Greg Baka and I am the owner of Easy Digging. I am a long-time gardener, and an engineer. The usefulness, ergonomics, and design of tools is very important to me.

As a family-owned business, we answer all of our own phone calls and respond to all the texts and emails that are sent to us. As the person who has designed or sourced all of our tools, I am able to answer your questions. We are happy to help you determine the best tools and attachments for your projects, farm, or garden. Here are just a few reviews of our customer service and tools...

They are very knowledgeable and responsive and won't steer you toward buying something that won't meet your needs. Highly recommended!
Abraham P., from NC

Very well pleased with the quality of the products I have purchased from EasyDigging.com   They are built so well, I expect my grandchildren's grandchildren will be using them.
Frank W., from GA

Greg was very fast at returning my calls and text and was very helpful answering my questions. I would highly recommend doing business with this site!
Deanna, from MI


Greg Baka, the owner of EasyDigging.com

Greg Baka, owner and founder

How we got started

Back in 2005, I started to search for a replacement for the grub hoe that I had inherited from my grandfather.

I looked at every hardware and farm store that I passed. I also looked online, but could not find a good grub hoe anywhere in the United States. So I started looking at other countries.

We finally found a Brazilian made grub hoe with a forged high-quality head. As a manufacturing and design engineer with 17 years of experience, I had the expertise to know that we had a great tool. In 2007, I bought 500 hoes from Brazil and started EasyDigging.com so that we could make these great tools available in the US.

Since then my, wife and I have grown our business. We now have our own well-designed and produced garden hoes that hold up to the highest quality standards. We have also worked with manufactures from the states and around the world to bring you wheel hoes, seeders, broadforks, shovels, and trenching tools. It has been a busy 15 years!

"Our goal at Easy Digging is to supply the best working, best quality tools we can make or find - tools I would want to buy for myself."   Greg Baka, owner and founder


Our innovative partners

Below are just a few of the companies we work with to offer you a wider selection of tools.

Hoss Tools
We have partnered with Hoss for many years now to create and sell excellent wheel hoes, seeders, and a variety of attachments. Hoss hired me to do the engineering and design of the Seeder and many the other attachments that make their wheel hoe a great tool for a large garden or market farm.

Meadow Creature
We were very happy to be one of the first independent tool stores to carry the Meadow Creature brand broadforks. They make an indestructible broadfork that you can use for aerating garden soil or turning over sod. They are also a family-owned company, who like us, started because they could not find a tool that met their high expectations.

HISCO Professional Tools
We are also pleased to be one of the only online tool stores that stock HISCO brand shovels and forks. These professional-grade shovels and forks with reinforced fiberglass handles are practically indestructible, and will last for many years of serious use.


Our experienced Authors

We also want you to meet the knowledgeable gardening and DIY construction writers who work for us. Click to learn more about Easy Digging's authors


Why I am qualified to do this

Creating efficient tools that last is not an easy task. My training and experiences have had a big impact on EasyDigging.

After attending high school in Indiana, I went to Purdue University and earned a Bachelors degree in Industrial Engineering. (see "What is IE?" ) They taught us how to manufacture almost everything, as well as ergonomics which is improving the design of products to optimize them for human use.

When I started working I did industrial engineering for the first 8 years, first building small electric motors, and then RV awnings. Then I switched to product design for the next 9 years where I first designed RV awnings, and was awarded a number of patents for my work. (see patent 1 / patent 2 / patent 3 / patent 4 / patent 5 / patent list )

Then I moved to a company called "The McMillen Division" to design construction equipment used with skidsteers, like the Bobcat. I really enjoyed this job, and learned to operate a lot of excavating machines. It was here that I learned a lot about digging and trenching. I even designed two private-label trencher attachments during those years, one for Toro and one for John Deere.

My next venture was starting Easy Digging in 2007. We have added more tools, grown our reputation, and made our customers happy for 15 years now!

Thank you for supporting our business!
Greg Baka     gregbaka@easydigging.com or 573-823-3539


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