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This is the Index of links to our articles on home gardening, small-scale agriculture, and fruit and nut crops.

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How To Loosen And Improve Clay Soil
Techniques to naturally convert your hard clay soil into a nice loam.

DIY Deer Alarms that go Bang!
Made from rat traps, string, and percussion caps. They sound like a gun firing.

Compost Tractor: Makes new garden beds
Learn how to create fertile garden beds at the same time you are composting.

Killer Compost - DIY Herbicide Test
Residue on composted scraps can damage your crops. Learn the Green Bean herbicide test.

Antique Tractor Weeders
Weeding and cultivating tractors from yesterday provide ideas for today. Great photos!

Garden Hoe related articles...

Guide to Easy Weeding
An easy agricultural technique used to control weeds before the days of herbicides

How Many Types of Garden Hoes Are There?
48! But they divide into just 5 categories. See how each group can reduce your garden labor.

Adjust a Garden Hoe To Fit Your Height
Learn how to change the blade angle on the most common hoe. Your back will thank you!

How To Use a Grub Hoe
It is the human-powered rototiller. Instructions for quick and easy digging and tilling.

How To Sharpen a Garden Hoe
Weeding is easier if your hoe's edge is sharp enough to cut weeds off at the base.

Broadfork related articles...

Why And How To Do Soil Aeration
Easily improve your garden soil by deeply aerating with a broadfork.

Wood or Metal Broadfork Handles?
There are pros and cons to each type. Figure out which is best for you.

Wheel Hoe related articles...

Wheel Hoes: The Buying Guide
Full details, and the pros and cons, of wheel cultivators sold in the USA.

History of Planet Jr Cultivators
Learn why wheel cultivators were the king of garden tools from the 1890's to 1920's.

Plowing with a Winch
See how a common winch is used to power plows and cultivators in Russia. Lots of cool videos!

Power of the Back Cut
Tips from a customer for getting the most from your Oscillating Hoe attachment.

Garden Seeder and Planter related articles...

Garden Seeder Buying Guide
Comparison of garden seeding methods and equipment. Includes push seeders and jab planters.

Potato Planting and Harvesting
Learn creative small-scale agriculture methods to grow a big crop of potatoes.