Manual Digging Articles

This is the Index of links to our articles on manual digging, trenching, and soil moving. Also our popular Drainage Guide for home and yard problems.

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Trenching Hoe
Trenchers and Trenching Guide
Covers both powered and manual trenching tools and techniques for DIY projects.

using a mattock for trail work
Digging through Rocks and Roots
How to use a pick, mattock, or digging bar to break through hard soil, roots, or rocks.

author Julie Baka with calf
Scoop Shovels on the Farm
Julie tells us all the things they shoveled and scooped up on her family farm.

plastic barrel modified to organize long tools
Digging Tool Storage
How to safely organize and store your long-handled tools.

ground level wheelbarrow for moving heavy items
Unusual Wheelbarrows
Special purpose wheelbarrows that can out perform the conventional ones.