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"We only sell tools that I own and use myself."
Greg Baka - owner of Easy Digging

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Today's recommended tools...

Today's recommended tools...

Grub Hoes

Grub Hoes

Dig faster, with less effort!
The digging and cultivating tool used by gardeners all around the world. Work in an upright position that is easy on your back.

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Wheel Hoes

Wheel Hoe

Built strong to last decades
Weeds garden rows twice as fast as a regular hoe. Attachments for weeding, cultivating & plowing. Single & double wheel models.

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Garden Seeder

Hoss Seeder

Precisely plants all seed sizes
Attaches to the Hoss wheel hoe. Hopper lifts off to change seeds. Adjustable planting depth. Heavy duty construction. Built to last!

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Once-in-a-lifetime purchase!
See BOTH the Unbreakable model and the Adjustable model. Fast & easy soil tilling and aerating. Both models are guaranteed for life.

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Shovels & Spades

HISCO shovels and spades

Professional grade strength
Super tough Fiberglass handles and thick steel blades for long life in hard conditions. Models that dig, scoop, trench, & landscape

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Bottom Digger

Bottom Digger trenching cleanout shovel

Ergonomic trench cleanout tool
Faster & easier than a trenching shovel. Pull it through the trench to remove loose soil. Works Like a little backhoe bucket!

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Jab Planter

Jab Planter or Stab Seeder

Plant your garden standing up
Fast & easy. Just push it into the soil. Automatic operation for large plots of corn & beans. It also can side-dress with fertilizer.

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Fork Hoe

Hand Mattock or Fork

Chillington Fork from the UK
Deeply cultivate your soil. Use to move and turn heavy mulch and compost. Forged steel head with 5 foot handle.

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Garden Hoes

Garden Hoe

Fork Hoe, Pointed Hoe, & more
Three valuable garden hoes from around the world. Unbreakable forged steel heads and strong Ash handles can last a lifetime.

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Ploskorez Hoe

Ploskorez Hoe

Ploskorez Hoe for fine weeding
Sharp stainless steel head on 5 foot handle. Weed between the plants in your rows. Head from Russia, handle from USA.

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Pick & Mattock

Pick or Mattock

Longer handles for easy digging
Exclusive 3 pound forged steel mattock & pick heads. Amazingly better than the typical too-heavy too-short mattock or pick axe.

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Garden Cart

Garden Cart and Wagon

Garden Cart and Wagon
Easily move heavy items around your garden, yard, or home. All terrain design. Includes removable tub and risers.

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Customer Testimonials

The tools are as effective (dreamlike) as I knew they'd be. Perhaps you can solve a mystery for me.....why in the world are these tools not on the shelves of hardware stores everywhere? Before ever using them, I knew they would be the perfect tools for some of the work I've been doing (removing overgrown weedy lawns, building new garden beds). After using forks, picks, spades, cultivators, garden hoes, etc., it was obvious that the appropriate tool would be a long handled tool that one could use standing upright, using the weight of the head to swing the tool downward chopping at the ground and pulling weeds towards oneself, it is just common sense. Thanks for providing the tools I've been dreaming of!
Brian in Vashon, WA.

The best new hoe I have found, for my body anyway, is the "field hoe" (or "grub, digging, eye, or azada" hoe available from Though still heavier than my favorite old hoe, it is, at 2 1/3 pounds, light compared to most hoes. I like the way the blade fastens to the handle.
- from Hoemanship by the respected author of "The Contrary Farmer" and "Small-Scale Grain Raising" and many more great books.


Easy Digging provides you with professional quality tools that are fast, efficient, and affordable.

Our large and long tools are made in the USA, Brazil, or England. The hand hoes are made in India. And we have one tool from Russia and one from China.

Benefits of Easy Digging tools:

  • Our garden hoe heads are forged steel for long life.
  • Long handles that allow for easy digging with less effort.
  • The Hoss wheel hoe and seeder are designed for decades of use.
  • ...and our broadforks feature a Lifetime Guarantee!

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