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"We only sell tools that I own and use myself."
Greg Baka - owner of Easy Digging Tools

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Easy Digging's Customer Testimonials

"The tools are as effective (dreamlike) as I knew they'd be. Perhaps you can solve a mystery for me.....why in the world is this hoe farming tool not on the shelves of hardware stores everywhere? Before ever using them, I knew they would be the perfect tools for some of the work I've been doing (removing overgrown weedy lawns, building new garden beds). After using forks, picks, spades, cultivators, garden hoes, etc., it was obvious that the appropriate tool would be a long handled tool that one could use standing upright, using the weight of the head to swing the tool downward chopping at the ground and pulling weeds towards oneself, it is just common sense. Thanks Easy Digging for providing the tools I've been dreaming of!"
Brian in Vashon, WA.

"It is clear that Easy Digging Tools has customer satisfaction as his highest priority. It is my favorite place to buy garden tools online. The tools he sells are a joy to use."
Erik in Colorado

"I bought one of your Hoss wheel hoes, and I am very happy with it. I'm impressed with how heavy duty the parts are. We took it out to the garden right away and tried all the attachments. My rows were pretty weedy, so I used the oscillating hoe tool first. It ripped right through those big weeds. A few days later I tried the sweeps and agree they are easier to push. Thanks again for helping me on the phone!"
Mike in Indiana

"The best new farming hoe I have found, for my body anyway, is the "field hoe" (or "grub, digging, eye, or azada" hoe tool available from EasyDigging.com). Though still heavier than my favorite old hoe, it is, at 2 1/3 pounds, light compared to most hoes. I like the way the blade fastens to the handle.
- from Hoemanship by Gene Logsdon the respected author of "The Contrary Farmer", and "Small-Scale Grain Raising", and many more great books.

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The Wheel Hoe Guide and also the Garden Seeder Guide compares & contrasts the brands available in the USA.

The Secret of Easy Weeding reveals how controlling the depth and timing of you weeding schedule can reduce your garden chores.

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