Digging Tools: How to store and organize

Unique ways to store, hang, and organize shovels, hoes, wheelbarrows, and more.

Winter is coming and it's time to straighten up the garage or tool shed one more time before it gets too cold. Dealing with that pile of shovels, rakes, and other implements of destruction and construction is about to get a little easier. We all want these long-handled shovels and such to be stored in some way that they are out of the way, and easy to access, but not able to fall off their perch and smack us in the skull when we accidentally brush against them. That's what we are going to show you below.

The following long-handled tool storage methods are:

  • Safe: Not easily knocked down from high places
  • Compact: Able to fit a lot in a small space
  • Affordable: Less expensive than the tools
  • Flexible: Easy to re-arrange occasionally

Thanks for reading!       by Greg Baka

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Quick, strong, and cheap tool organizer.   All you need is an old plastic drum and a hole saw. Do remember to put the 50 pounds of gravel in - that's what makes it safe! It could also hold tools with wide handles, like an axe, if you make a wide hole -just drill two holes that over lap like the number 8.


messy heap of long handled tools in a corner
cinch straps for hanging tools safely
plastic barrel modified to organize long tools


The most common way people hang long tools is by pounding a pair of nails in high on the wall and hooking their shovel or rake over the nails. Eventually one of these tools is going to get knocked loose and hurt somebody. So something is needed to make this method safer.

The first video shows attaching long 2x4's to the wall, and then pounding in nails to hold the tools. The interesting part is the lower board. If the lower board had a bunch of big fence staples added the top and bottom edges, then small bungee straps could be wrapped around the tool handles and hooked to the staples. This would minimize the chance of the tools being knocked off, without making it difficult to access the tools.

The second video uses short straps to hang tools and other items on the wall. This is probably the safest way since it seems about impossible to accidently knock those tools or items off the wall. One downside would be that you could not hang anything higher than you can reach, because you have to put the ring onto the wall hook. I do like how even some big things like wheelbarrows can be hung this way.

The third video isn't really a storage system, but it could be. It is definitely a cool way of carrying a bunch of rakes, hoes, and other long things. But it could also be used effectively for storage by someone who always takes their tools elsewhere to work IF they just hang the whole bundle on the wall when they return.


1) Most common but least safe method.
The old "pair of nails" method. I would not recommend this if you have kids or clumsy people in your house. But do check out idea about adding "safety straps"...

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safety straps for long tools hung on nails


2) The Handy-Hooker   This system wins the memorable name award. Actually a pretty good system to hang almost anything safely on a wall. They are no longer in business, but not a hard thing to make with eye bolts, rope, and carabiner clips.

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3) Tool carrying system   This idea could work well if you always kept your digging and garden tools bundled and hanging on the wall. Grab the whole bundle and haul it out the yard. Wrap them all back up when done and hang back up. Check it out at ShovelSling.com

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