Meet Our Writers and Authors

Here at Easy Digging we provide more than just great tools. We also supply great information you can trust.

In order to do that, we work with authors and writers that have expertise and authority in their field.

Their expertise may come from years of practice and improvement. It may also come from formal education, or from special training seminars. The important part is that our writers and authors have an established history and reputation in the skills they write about.

So let's meet some of them!   Click their name to visit their full biography page...

Linda Holliday and her husband live off grid in the Missouri Ozarks. She is a writer for Mother Earth News magazine. Their family business makes and sells great manual water pumping equipment. She says that "Gardening is not only a lifelong hobby, but another means of self-sufficiency"

Professor John R Stilgoe

I came across the book Scientific Authority & Twentieth Century America while researching wheel hoes. It is a collection of articles from a variety of writers. After a little detective work, we were able to reach Professor Stilgoe of Harvard University and he granted us permission to reproduce his article on our website.

Rick Valley learned permaculture methods in 1986 by studying with Bill Mollison and has been practicing and teaching it ever since. He was the Land Steward at Lost Valley Education Center in Oregon for many years. He currently lives on a 1/2 acre urban farm. His favorite activities include hands-on education, tree crops, and earthwork for water harvesting.

Barbara Bamberger Scott has written a book on homesteading, and many other related informative articles.

She is currently an urban homesteader in NC. Barbara has also worked in rural development with indigenous people in Botswana, Kenya, and the Dominican Republic.

Robin Horton is editor-in-chief of Urban Gardens, the award-winning and Webby-nominated design, sustainable living and travel blog.

She also writes about community gardens, edible landscaping, sustainable urban agriculture, and micro-farms. Robin is a seasoned global traveler with lifelong wanderlust.

Ray Herndon grows 8 acres of heirloom vegetables in central Virginia for local customers.

He also provides open-pollinated vegetable seeds to a few catalog seed companies, and grows old varieties of land-race dent corn for regional small-batch millers to grind into corn flour.

Greg Baka is the founder of and has written many of it's articles over the years.

He is an experienced gardener and home remodeling DIY'er. He has tackled everything from underground drainage to metal roofing, and all things in between. Using his engineering degree, he designed a variety of construction and excavating equipment.