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In 2009, Robin launched   It is a place where she shares ways to incorporate nature into limited spaces. She explores and highlights things that are happening in the garden design world around the globe.

Her website is not limited to just small spaces. She also shares information on community gardens, edible landscaping, sustainable urban agriculture, and micro-farms. There are even articles about guerrilla gardeners transforming derelict abandoned properties into lush provocative garden spaces.

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Robin is a seasoned global traveler with lifelong wanderlust. She speaks French, respectable Italian, and understands a little Catalan. Robin also learned a few Russian phrases during a four month design project in Moscow.


Robin Horton is editor-in-chief of Urban Gardens, the award-winning and Webby-nominated design, sustainable living and travel blog. They have organically built and maintained a combined readership and social media following of over 265,000 people. You can follow them on Facebook here.

As a freelance writer, she’s written for brands and online publications including Fiskars, Kellogg Garden Products, and Trivago Magazine.

After a decade covering gardens and travel, Robin has developed a special interest in garden tourism.

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