Long-handled Pick or Mattock

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More details and pictures are below the Reviews.

Long-handled Pick or Mattock

with custom 46" steel-core poly handle with 46" steel-core poly handle

4.5 star rating   4.7 / 5.0   57 Ratings

Cutter Mattock:   $57.95

Pick or Pickaxe:   $54.95

Both are in stock

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Which one is best for me?

Choose by what is buried in your soil...

  • Roots? Choose the Cutter Mattock.
  • Stones & rocks? Choose the Pick.

Why use an extra-long handle?

  • Less leaning protects your back.
  • Working while upright is safer.
  • Dig deep trenches more easily.

We are the only US store where you can purchase a pick or mattock with a lighter 4 pound head and an extra-long 46" handle. No more too-heavy too-short tools for you!

More details and pictures are below the Reviews.

More details and pictures are below the Reviews.

Customer Reviews of the Pick and Mattock

I have been using a standard mattocks all my life. I have been looking for a longer handle for my mattocks for years. The tool I bought from you with a 46" handle is a major back saver for me. I would recommend this tool for anyone over 5'10" in height.

Kenny1659 from TX   4.5 star rating

I needed this tool ...badly. I spent a day with a shovel, trying to dig out a flower bed 24 x 3 feet. What I thought would take me an hour took all day, because the ground (can't use the word "soil") was composed of a mixture of about 90% small rocks and 10% big rocks. This area was next to a new house, where the contractor had used rock for drainage and to firm the soil. Impossible to dig. Ordered the pick / mattock, and finished the job in about 90 minutes. The length and weight were perfect - I am 5'10" - much nicer to handle than the typical pick.

Marty R from MD   5 star rating

I am so glad I found your site! I suffer from chronic back problems and the long handled pick is great! Our soil comprises mostly of decomposed granite and during the summer is rock hard. I was still able to generate enough force to loosen the soil without stooping over.

Shawn B, in CO   5 star rating

So far so good, my wife really likes the Pick with the longer handle. It gives more leverage when needed. The pick is sharp and so far we have not been able to bend the pick blade. So many other lightweight picks bend the metal end after a few swings in relative soft dirt. We will buy another in the near future.

G.F., from CA   4.5 star rating

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Cutter Mattock Details

The cutter mattock a 2.5 inch wide digging blade on the mattock end, and a 3.5 inch tall axe blade on the cutter end. The overall length is 15 inches. The forged steel head weighs 3.5 pounds and is made by Bellota of Spain.

It is used for digging in soil containing roots. This tool is supplied with a 46 inch long steel-core poly handle. (details below)

Mattock head, side and top views

Pick or Pickaxe Details

The pick features a 1.8 inch wide chisel blade on one end, and an 8 inch long tapered pick point on the opposite end. The overall length is 18 inches. The forged steel head weighs 4.2 pounds and is made by Bellota of Spain.

It is used for digging in soil containing rock, stones, and gravel. This tool is supplied with a 46 inch long steel-core poly handle. (details below)

Pickaxe head, side and top views

Poly Handle Details

This extra-long 46 inch handle has a full-length steel core that gives a nice balance of strength and flexibility. The rest of the handle is molded of exterior-grade polypropylene. The handle weighs 3 pounds.

Spare 46" Handle    Add to Cart     $27.95

The grip area features molded grooves and a textured finish that is easy on your hands. The tool head tightly fits the over the molded flare portion of the handle. It is tightened by banging the end of the handle straight down against a hard surface. See Assembly Instructions.

Steel core handle details

How will the extra-long handle benefit me?

Typical hardware store picks and mattocks have a 5 pound head on a 36" handle. These are OK if you are young and flexible. They are also best if you need to do some heavy work - like busting up concrete or prying out a big stump. But those short heavy versions are a danger to your back and your muscles.

Home owners and gardeners usually just need to break up hard soil, remove small bushes, or dig through stony soil. For them, the safer solution is to use a lighter, longer pick or mattock.

How to use these tools?

For "how-to" information about using picks and mattocks, see our article Digging through Roots and Rocks

This cutter mattock and pickaxe is also really useful for trenching because the long handle lets you work in a deep trench without bending over as much. Click here to see our complete selection of trenching tools.

Which head weight and handle length is right for you?

  • If you are breaking up concrete, then use a common 5 lb / 36" long pick.
  • If you are removing a big stump, then use a common 5 lb / 36" long mattock.
  • Are you a landscaper employing strong tough people? Use the common 5 lb / 36" long tools.
  • Everybody else can use our special 4 lb / 46" long tools.

Why are long-handled pickaxes and mattocks so rare?
They are only rare in the US. In other parts of the world where hand tools are used daily, they can still be found. Another reason is that the US tool handle industry has been shrinking for many years. As more places close, we lose the special equipment they had that could produce longer handles.


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