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Pick Mattock
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Long mattock - digging
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Pick Mattock with long handle

Sorry, these are no longer available.

Pick Mattock combines a 4" wide digging blade with a 7" pick end for breaking up hardened or rocky soils. Includes our custom 45" long ash handle. The 4 lb forged steel head is made of high quality steel. Complete with extra-long 45" handle.

These picks are really useful for trenching because the long handle lets you work in a deep trench without bending over as much. Click here to see our complete selection of trenching tools.

Pick Mattock Details

Typical hardware store picks and mattocks have a 5 pound head on a 36" handle. These are OK if you are young and strong, and need to do some heavy work - like busting up concrete. But for home owners and gardeners who just need to break up hard soil, remove bush stumps, or bust up compacted gravel - they are a danger to your back and your muscles. The solution is to use a lighter, longer pick or mattock.

We are the only US store where you can purchase a pick mattock combining a lighter 4 pound head with an extra-long 45" long handle. No more too-heavy too-short tools for you!


Customer Reviews of the Pick Mattock

"I am so glad I found your site! I suffer from chronic back problems and the long handled pick is great! Our soil comprises mostly of decomposed granite and during the summer is rock hard. I was still able to generate enough force to loosen the soil without stooping over. "

Shawn B, in CO  

"So far so good, my wife really likes the Pick with the longer handle. It gives more leverage when needed. The pick is sharp and so far we have not been able to bend the pick blade. So many other lightweight picks bend the metal end after a few swings in relative soft dirt. We will buy another in the near future."

G.F., from CA  

"I am extremely pleased with the quality and craftsmanship of my long handled pick axe. In the past I have made my own 40 inch plus handles and understand the advantage of a longer handle for efficient work. To find someone producing long handled tools is an affirmation there are still thinking people out there working with and producing fine hand tools."

Eric, in OR  

"The Easy Digging grub hoes and picks are the ace for cleaning my culverts and ditches. Here in West Virginia I hit shale a few inches down. My method is the following. I use the 4 inch or 6 inch grub hoes for pulling out leaves and loam. The ditch might require deepening. If I hit hard shale, I will break it up with the spike end of the pick axe, then scoop it out with the grub hoes. If I hit soft shale or clay I break it with the pick mattock. These tools are all I need to maintain my ditches. They are the most efficient returns on energy of any tool I've used. The stress on my back is minimal; the longer handles make a huge difference. Roughly these Easy Digging tools are 4x more efficient than the junk offered by the hardware stores."

David, from WV  

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Which head weight and handle length is right for you?

  - If you are breaking up concrete, then use a common 5 lb /36" long pick.
  - If you are removing a big stump, then use a common 5 lb /36" long mattock.
  - Are you a landscaper employing strong tough people? Use the 5 lb /36" long tools.
  - Everybody else can use our special 4 lb / 45" long tools.



Why are long-handled mattocks so rare?
They are only rare in the US. In other areas where hand tools are used daily, they can still be found. Another reason is that the US tool handle industry has been shrinking for many years. As more places close, we lose the special equipment they once had that could produce these longer handles. We will be sad to see these tools disappear, but our suppliers just are not able to provide the parts anymore.


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