Bottom Digger Shovel

Drawing of Bottom Digger cleaning a trench.
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Bottom Digger Trench Cleanout Details

NOTE : this trench scoop is ONLY for removing loose soil from the trench, or removing occasional high spots in the trench (by using the toothed side of the blade). It is NOT for digging the trench. To dig the trench you would use a powered trencher, or manually with a trench digging shovel or a trenching hoe. Click to see our How-To Use Videos

Bottom Digger Shovel

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For complete tool with steel scoop, combination blade, and 60" handle.

The patented Bottom Digger shovel is a trench clean-out tool that is faster and easier to use than a standard trenching shovel. Use in 4" and wider trenches. It is pulled through the trench (not pushed like a shovel) to remove loose soil. It's like a narrow backhoe bucket on a stick. Your crew can get jobs finished quicker with much less back strain.

We are the only place where you can buy a Bottom Digger online. Let us know if you have any questions.

Is it really that much better?

Yes, it is. We had a race to clean out two identical trenches...and the Bottom Digger tool was more than twice as fast. Also see the drawings below of your posture using the different tools. Preventing just one back injury, or even one trip to the chiropractor, easily pays for difference in cost between it and a standard trench clean-out shovel.

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Trenching shovel ergonomics and posture Bottom Digger ergonomics and posture

Customer Reviews of our Bottom Digger shovels

"So pleased to deal with someone who cares about customer service and about the product they sell thank you so much for your help in deciding the product that I need for the job that I was doing. And the delivery time was spot on "

Ray V, in NJ   5 star rating

"Great tool. Hard to believe you can't find something like this in the big-box stores based on the need. I would add the option to purchase an additional larger bucket for just dragging out larger volumes of dirt when you need it. Very helpful trench cleaning tool."

Chuck, from CA   4.5 star rating

"Hi this tool is what I need for my job I use almost everyday this tool makes my job done faster in been using it for a month and this tool is a money maker for me and I know how to use tools thank you very much."

Marco, in CA   4 star rating

"Fast, courteous service. Excellent, high quality tool. What more could you hope for! "

Steve, in ME   5 star rating

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See what you can do with a Bottom Digger shovel...

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Description of this clean out tool:   Quick explanation of how the Bottom Digger scoop works, and how it compares to a common trenching shovel.   *Unit shown was an early version that was a little wider than the current 3.25" model.


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How to use this tool:   Demonstration of our special trenching tool being used to remove soil from a deep trench. Notice the upright posture of the man, even though this is a 24" deep trench.

How To Use

Please see the "Videos" tab for instructions and tips on how to use this new tool. They say a a picture is worth a 1000 words, so 2 videos are worth a short book.

And once you get your hands on one, it is pretty obvious how they work. Lower it to the bottom, drag it back until the bucket feels full, pull it up, dump it out, and repeat.

Note that it is intended for dry soil. Wet soil sticks to everything, and will be hard to get out of the scoop.

Spare Parts

Scoop Assembly by getting a handle locally

$63.00    Add to Cart  

  In Stock, ready to ship.

Includes 3.25" wide scoop, blade, and fasteners. You will need to add a metal wheelbarrow handle.

Buy the scoop assembly for the Bottom Digger


Replacement Blade

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  In Stock, ready to ship.

Buy a replacement blade for the Bottom Digger


60" steel Handle

$37.00    Add to Cart  

  In Stock, ready to ship.

1.5" square steel, replacement wheelbarrow handle. Also available at most building supply stores.

Buy a replacement handle for the Bottom Digger


Why would I ever need a trench clean-out tool?
A trench for piping is supposed to be firm and level. That is to prevent damage to water or drainage pipe when heavy soil is dumped back in on top of them. In order to get it firm, you need to remove (clean out) all the the loose soil (the crumbs) left by a powered chain trencher. To get it level, you need to scrape away and remove the high spots. The Bottom Digger shovel does have a reversible blade with a toothed edge for scraping those high spots. Doing this sort of work 2 or 3 foot down in a trench that is only 4" wide is really difficult...without the right tools.


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