Garden Spades and Garden Forks

For serious gardeners...

Professional-grade tools with reinforced fiberglass handles. Choose long or short-handled models.

Heavy duty digging spade

HISCO garden spades with long and short handles

Garden Spade

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Short model = $43.95
Long model = $53.95

Use to penetrate down into the soil or sod. The handle's low lift angle lets you put your weight straight down onto the blade for efficient digging, spading, and edging. Blade is 7" wide with thick 14 gauge steel.   More Info...


Heavy duty spading fork

HISCO garden spading forks with long and short handles

Garden Fork

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Short model = $53.95
Long model = $63.95

Use to loosen and aerate the soil. Strong forged steel tines easily slide deep into the ground. Also used for moving mulch and compost. The tines are 7" wide and 10" long.   More Info...


Benefits of Fiberglass Handles...

skidsteer loader supported by two shovels HISCO fiberglass handle construction diagram

● Greater strength pound for pound than steel.
● They are very difficult to damage.
● Resists impact, and is non-denting.
● Will not absorb moisture or warp.
● Will not conduct electricity.

HISCO tools have fiberglass handles with a legacy of premium performance. All the handles produced by HISCO Tools are made from thousands of continuous strands of fiberglass saturated with resins, and have a smooth polyester veil (coating) on the surface. The veil gives the handle a smooth comfortable finish and keeps the fiberglass from splintering or scratching. The D-Grips used on a short shovel are made of one-piece high-density nylon. We all know that there is no such thing as an unbreakable shovel, but these tools are as close as you can get.

The long handled shovel features the 8-inch Tuffoam double-dip grips which have been designed for the toughest industrial applications. The grips have a durable, vinyl inner liner and a comfortable, non-slip foam exterior that provides long life and helps prevent potential harmful hand fatigue.

Articles on Using Spades and Forks

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Why do I need a heavy-duty spade and fork?

It can save you money. It can save you frustration. And it can save you from an injury.

Let's tackle injuries first. When cheap wooden-handled spade snaps, you may fall backwards and wrench your back muscles or land on something dangerous. Second, there is the frustration of having a broken right in the middle of a job when time is short and the store is miles away.

Lastly there is money... If a heavy-duty spade or fork costs twice as much, but lasts as long as two cheap tools, then you at least broke even. And when it outlasts three of them, you are money ahead!


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