Push Seeder or a Jab Planter?

How to choose the best type for your garden.

We offer two types of seeders and planters for gardens and small farms. The Hoss push seeders have wheels and are rolled down the garden row. While the jab planter is a tall device that you move to each planting spot.

Man pushing a Hoss seeder

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Choose one of two versions. The Hoss Garden Seeder, is a full-time seeder with a wide variety of seed plates.

Or pick the Hoss Push Planter which is a full-featured seeding attachment for the popular Hoss wheel hoe.


Jab planter or Stab seeder

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Quickly plant lots of corn, beans, sunflowers, and other medium-sized seeds. Both the number of seeds and the planting depth can be preset. Uses a gentle "push-down / lift-up" action.

Can also side-dress with a controlled amount of granular fertilizer.

Garden Seeder or Push Planter?

How to choose the best one for you...

You just need to answer these 2 questions:

1. Do you have sandy soil, or does it get fluffy after rototilling?
- If yes, then you must use the "Garden Seeder" model.

2. Did you answer No to #1, AND want to also weed or cultivate with your equipment?
- If yes, then select one of the "Push Planter" models.

Pros and Cons of the "Garden Seeder" vs "Push Planter"

The section below will list the benefits and limitations of each model. It will compare factors like cost, soil preparation, other uses, and accessories. Do note that both models share the same seed hopper and seed plates, so seed handling and metering ability is equal for both models.

Hoss seeder in garden soil

Garden Seeder details    

● Can handle all soils, but needs a loose well-prepared seed bed.
● Always ready to use, not need to bolt anything on.
● The optional Row Marker is longer on this model.(36")
● Has a lower base cost than the Push Planter packages.

● Must have a well-prepared seed bed - no crusted soils.
● Only a seeder - no way to add weeding ability.

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Hoss push planter, Single wheel model

Push Planter details        

● Good for normal soils - and can even handle lightly crusted soil.
● Can also weed, cultivate, or plow - depending on your package.
● Useful all season long, not just at seeding time.

● Does NOT work well in sandy soil, or those that get fluffy when rototilled.
● Has a higher base cost. (unless you just need the Seeder Attachment portion)
● The optional Row Marker is only 18" long.

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