Trench Clean-out Shovel

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HISCO trench clean-out shovel with long handle

Trench Clean-Out Shovel

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Made in the USA for the construction & trenching industry.

Clean Out Shovel Details

● Professional Grade
● Overall Length = 59"
● Blade Width = 3-3/4"
● Handle Angle = 35°
● Weight = 5 pounds
● 16 gauge steel head
● Reinforced metal collar
● Fiberglass handle *details

This trench cleaning shovel will last a long, long time. The raised sides help keep the dirt in place as you raise it up and out of the trench. The large handle angle reduces muscle strain. You can leave it in the back of your truck all year, and it will not rot like a wooden handled shovel. The kind of use and abuse that will destroy inexpensive big-box store trench clean out shovels will barely scratch this tool.

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Customer Reviews of the Trench Clean-out Shovel

"This tool was perfect for the job I needed it for, it is a high quality product and I an very satisfied with it."

Liam, from US  

"Makes back breaking work simple. Worth every penny, and eco friendly."

G, in ME  

"I like that your site has tools that you can not go to your local big box store and find. The quality and service are great. "

Hoop, from TX  

"Bought a trenching tool and the quality of the product and ordering process were great! I will use Easy again."

Lynette C, in AZ  

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What are Trench Shovels used for?

Before you buy a trench clean-out shovel online, remember that there are two types of trenching tools: one for actually digging into the soil, our Trench Digging Shovel, and the other for removing the loose soil from the bottom of a trench that was cut with a powered trencher - called a Clean-Out Shovel.

Clean out Shovel - used to remove the loose soil (also called crumbs or spoil) that is left in the bottom of any trench that was cut with a power trenching machine. This is done to provide a level solid surface for drainage or water pipes to rest on. Our cleanout shovel has a higher handle angle to reduce bending while reaching the bottom of the trench. It can also be used to slice or dig away at high spots in the trench bottom.

Benefits of Fiberglass Handles...

HISCO fiberglass handle construction diagram

● Greater strength pound for pound than steel.
● They are very difficult to damage.
● Resists impact, and is non-denting.
● Will not absorb moisture or warp.
● Will not conduct electricity.

HISCO's fiberglass handles have a legacy of premium performance. All HISCO handles are produced from thousands of continuous strands of fiberglass saturated with resins, and have a smooth polyester veil (coating) on the surface. The veil gives the handle a smooth comfortable finish and keeps the fiberglass from splintering or scratching. The D-Grips, used on short handled tools, are made of one-piece high-density nylon.

The long handled digging shovels feature the 8-inch Tuffoam double-dip grips which have been designed for the toughest industrial applications. The grips have a durable, vinyl inner liner and a comfortable, non-slip foam exterior that provides long life and helps prevent potential harmful hand fatigue.

How is this different from the "Bottom Digger" clean-out tool?

They do the same job, but the Bottom Digger is much faster, and much easier on your muscles. Both remove the loose soil, or crumbs, left after a power trencher cuts the trench. But the Bottom Digger is designed like a narrow backhoe bucket on a stick, so to clean the trench you pull it towards you and then lift straight up. With a standard clean-out shovel, you push it away for you to collect soil, then lever the load up and out. Please go visit our Bottom Digger page to see the difference, and see the video showing a race between these two tools.


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