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Linda and her husband live off grid in the Missouri Ozarks. She is a contributing author for the Mother Earth News magazine. Their family business makes and sells great manual water pumping equipment. She says that "Gardening is not only a lifelong hobby, but another means of self-sufficiency"

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Linda and her husband bought a farmstead in the Missouri Ozarks in 2010. They have been working on making it sustainable with the end goal of being able to live off the grid, growing their own food and being self-sufficient.

In 2011, Linda and her husband opened Well Water Boy Products to design and manufacture human-powered machines and equipment for self-reliance. They include water hand pumps, a Pedal-Powered PTO, the WaterBoy Windlass Hoist, and the Well Bucket. Linda and her husband understand the value of great tools that are well designed. Here at EasyDigging we appreciate the knowledge that they share with us.


Linda has hosted workshops on gardening and preserving food. One successful workshop was called, "From Grocery Store to Garden – Feeding yourself fresh from your garden all year".   See the class PDF

Linda also publishes articles in the Mother Earth News where she is known as the Handygal Homesteader

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