Ray Herndon

Article author for EasyDigging.com

Ray is a full time vegetable farmer in central Virginia. He has been a long time customer of Easy Digging Tool Store.

Ray Herndon, author at EasyDigging.com


Ray Herndon grows vegetables in central Virginia on 8 acres near the town of Orange with his wife, Mary Dennis. They sell fresh heirloom vegetables in Charlottesville, Virginia to Local Food Hub and 4P Foods, organizations which advocate for and provide equitable access to food.

He partners with Southern Exposure Seed Exchange and other seed catalogs to provide open-pollinated vegetable seeds for gardeners everywhere, and grows old varieties of land-race dent corn for regional small-batch millers to grind into corn flour.

Ray and Mary advocate deeper connections with nature for mental and physical well-being, both on the farm and in Mary's work with the Center for Natural Capital, a non-profit group focused on sustainable ecosystem health and rural American resilience.


Ray has a BA from Lebanon Valley College in Pennsylvania and a BSN from George Mason University in Virginia. He delayed his dream of farming for years while pursuing other career options, including educational publishing and, more recently, psychiatric nursing.

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