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Barbara is the author of the book   Generous Fruits - A Survey of American Homesteading.   Barbara also writes wonderful articles for, covering such topics as herbal remedies, vegetable and fruit cultivation, traditional home and garden care, and African American and women homesteaders past and present.

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Barbara Bamberger Scott is an urban homesteader in Mount Airy, NC, aka Mayberry. She and her husband Donnie "Dobro" Scott grow tomatoes, greens, peppers, figs and a multitude of flowers, for eating, canning, and sharing with neighbors.


Barbara has a BA from the State University of New York, and a Certificate in Rural Development / Farming and Gardening from Emerson College, Sussex, UK.

From 1980 to 1994 she worked in rural development with indigenous people in Botswana, Kenya, and the Dominican Republic.

She has also created the writing competition website A Woman's Write with an international following.

Barbara is also a professional book reviewer for the US Review of Books and the Feathered Quill

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