Rick Valley

Article author for EasyDigging.com

Rick is a Permaculture teacher and landscaper who has designed and built ponds and other water-harvesting earthworks since 1987. He has a diploma of Permaculture Design specializing in teaching and site implementation from the Permaculture Institute in Australia.

Rick Valley, author at EasyDigging.com


Rick Valley discovered the importance of permaculture in 1981 and has been involved in the local food movement ever since. One of the things that gives Rick his great view of gardening and Urban Agriculture is that he has gardened in many soil types all around the world. He spent two years in Ecuador, plus stints in the Sonoran Desert, Belize, Alaska and Canada.

He currently lives on a 1/2 acre urban farm in Eugene OR. Rick's favorite activities include hands-on education, tree crops, earthwork for water harvesting, and broadscale design for farms and communities.


Rick has been a teacher and a presenter at many of the best sustainability and permaculture conferences across America. He received his first permaculture certificate from Bill Mollison in 1986. He followed that by teaching at Linnea Farm on Cortes Island in BC. He worked and taught there for 10 years.

He is an instructor for Aprovecho and has taught classes for The Living Mandala.

Rick was also the Land Steward for a number of years at Lost Valley Education and Event Center. While there he created these Youtube videos about permaculture and composting.

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