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Grub Hoe

  4.6 / 5.0   168 Ratings

Our most popular model!
6" wide Grub Hoe   $38.95    Add to Cart   In stock, ready to ship.


for small spaces & narrow trenches
4" wide Grub Hoe   $38.95    Add to Cart   In stock, ready to ship.

The 6" grub hoe is our BEST selling all-around digging tool. This tough 3 lb forged steel tool has the right design and weight to quickly cut through sod, hard soil, stems, and small roots. Super for trenching! The human-powered rototiller alternative.   Complete with a 5 foot long Ash handle.

And the 4" grub hoe shares the fast efficient design of the larger tool, but in a narrower 2 lb version. This tool is perfect for smaller gardens and for those who wish to minimize their physical exertion. It is also used for making narrow 4" trenches. Complete with a 5 foot long Ash handle.

Special Offer - Buy any two or more long handled hoes and get a Free sharpening file valued at $8.95 AND get Free shipping! (see details)

Grub Hoe Details

This specially forged and tempered digging hoe easily tills the soil and chops through sod. It is used by both gardeners and landscapers. At the bottom of this page there is information about using it it as a Trenching Hoe, to dig trenches for drainage or utility lines. Please also read the "How to Use" tab, and see the videos below.

Use your Grub Hoe to...

● create new gardens and raised beds
● chop up sod for easy removal
● dig utility and drainage trenches
● peacefully till your garden each year


Customer Reviews of the Grubbing Hoe

"I bought a 6 inch grub hoe to be used to maintain our existing garden and to expand our garden by 5,000 square feet. It has taken the place of my garden spade forever. It is such a joy to use and it's so much better than a spade or shovel when digging or moving soil. My grub hoe has saved me so much time and work during this expansion project. It is one of my most valuable garden tools. I will be purchasing the 4 inch grub hoe to be used for some of the finer work in the garden. Thank you for providing such high quality and useful tools. I am sure this hoe will be by my side for decades."

Trent H, from UT  

"It took me a little time getting use to the handling the grub. I like the results that it does."

Tom K, in IA  

"Excellent product!!! This is the first time I have ever given a testimonial for any product that I have ever purchased. The 6" Grub Hoe is a high quality tool that makes sod removal incredibly easy and quick. Quick shipping, everything as promised."

Tim D, from ID  

"I LOVE my Grub Hoe! I'm a 77-year-old woman with back pain. I was trying to control encroaching bamboo with a maddox and 4 or 5 hacks was all i could manage before pain and exhaustion stopped me. I knew I needed something lighter, better balanced and without the unnecessary pick end. I can hack much more bamboo with my Grub Hoe. It's also great for trenching and weeding dandilions. They picked the right name with "Easy Digging". Thanks"

Susan, from GA  

"I had some trail work to do in a Oregon Wilderness. I bought the 5 foot handle, 6 inch grub hoe thinking it would be perfect and I was 100 percent correct. It is a trail making machine that eliminates back pain and moves more dirt than I have ever moved before making new trail. Once all the big roots where broken it was trail time. What also made it good was that I felt as if I was truly a valued customer with very personal quality service. I can tell Greg Baka, the owner, really has heart and that goes a long way in a Home Depot world. "

Darin, in US  

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Watch these videos to see what you can do with a grub hoe...

Video of Grub, Grape, and Pointed Hoes.   Nice demonstration of all three, and how they are used for different tasks. If you are in a hurry, the Grub Hoe info is at 25 seconds and at 1 minute 45 seconds (1:45), Grape Hoe at 0:48 and at 2:35, Pointed Hoe at 1:15 and at 3:30


Removing large clumps of weeds. He shows good technique, and some tips to prevent tool damage. This is not one of our tools, but the methods are universal. The volume is a little quiet, so turn it up to hear his instructions.

The sturdy peasant hoe was once a common tool on our small family farms in the days before the tractor. These tools dig and cultivate with an easy chop-pull motion that is very quick, but also gentler on your back than the stomp-bend-lift motion used with a shovel or spade.

Click here for our fully detailed instructional page: How to Use a Grub Hoe

Digging Hoe chopping action Digging Hoe pulling action

Click here for tool sharpening and care tips

Forged Steel - How our tools are manufactured...


Forging is the process of forming and shaping metals through the use of hammering, pressing or rolling. The process begins with a bar or slab of steel which is heated to its plastic deformation temperature, then hammered or "kneaded" between dies to the desired shape and size. Forging is one of the oldest known metalworking processes, traditionally performed by a blacksmith using a hammer and anvil.

During the hot forging process, the steel's coarse grain structure is broken up and replaced by finer grains. Mechanical properties are improved by aligning the grain flow to obtain the desired directional strength. Forging can produce a piece that is stronger than an equivalent cast or machined part.

Our large metal wedge is included with every head or handle purchased.

Additional 60" handle

matched to Grub Hoe you are buying today

$26.95    Add to Cart  

  In Stock, ready to ship.

*To get a handle for an older tool, CLICK HERE


Heads for Grub Hoe

6" = $15.50    Add to Cart  

4" = $15.50    Add to Cart  

  In Stock, ready to ship.

WARNING: You can not share one handle between two heads. The wedged head-to-handle connection is permanent. Each hoe head needs it's own handle.


Sharpening File

$8.95    Add to Cart  

  In Stock, ready to ship.

Farmer's Own sharpening file Keep your tools sharp!   With built-in handle. Designed to sharpen farm tools. Double-cut side for fast material removal, and single-cut side for finer sharpening. 8" file area + handle = 12" long.

How to use a grub hoe as a Trenching Hoe

How to trench with a grub hoe

A grub hoe is called a Trenching Hoe when it is used for trenching. To use a trenching hoe you stand above the end of the trench to chop soil loose and then drag it up the ramped end of the trench - just like the chain does in a power trencher. See the picture below:

For more info on using these tools for trenching see our Guide to Trenching and Trenchers


So then what is an Azada?

Azada (ah-zah-da) is what they call the grub hoe in Europe and South America. This type of tool has become very popular with British gardeners - click here to read what British gardeners say about the Azada

The grubbing hoe is called a powrah, mammoty or mamooty in India, a changkol or changkul in Asia, an enxada in Brazil, and a jembe in Africa. Other commonly used names for it are the peasant hoe or an eye hoe (due to the head-to-handle connection method).

It is also know as an Okinawan kuwa which is a traditional Martial Arts weapon - check out the link!


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