Switchblade Hoe

Man using the Switchblade Hoe in the garden
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Includes all the heads shown below.


Switchblade Hoe

5 Stirrup and Wire Hoe Heads - Adjusts to your height!

4.5 star rating
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In stock, ready to ship.
Simple assembly required.

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In stock, ready to ship.
Simple assembly required.

Would you like to make your weeding chores easier? Are most garden hoes uncomfortable for you? Weed faster, more precisely, and with better posture!

The Switchblade Hoe is popular because it cuts down your weeding time without hurting your back. This tool is designed so that you control the weeds when they are young and weak. Includes 2 interchangeable Stirrup Hoe heads, 3 Wire Weeder heads, and a handle that adjusts to fit everybody.

3 pound tool, with a telescoping aluminum handle.
See this tool's Weight and Measurements
See the Hoe Assembly Instructions

What's It Like To Use This Weeding Hoe?

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Why You Will Love Your New Switchblade Hoe

  • Includes a fully adjustable aluminum handle that eliminates strain & back pain by allowing you to stand with a good upright posture while you work.
  • 2 Stirrup Hoe heads for medium weeds in tight and open areas.
  • 3 Wire Hoe heads for fast removal of weed sprouts from tight and open spaces.
  • Heads are easy to swap using just pins with clips. No tools required.

What Customers say about our Switchblade Hoe

"This my first hoe and I am very happy with it. It is sharp and of good quality. It was very easy to assemble. Ordering was easy and there were no issues."

Carol G, from NY   5 star rating

"I've received three tools, all pretty great. So solid. And simple. Nice to use. Brings strength to the body; don't overdo. This is a responsive company, w/ quick delivery."

Stan, in VT   4.5 star rating

"Products arrived just as advertised and very timely receipt of goods. Purchased a couple of different hoes and my husband and I have used them and really like the quality. Looking forward to using for many years to come. Will definitely order from Easy Digging again."

Deb, from MO   5 star rating

"I was really excited to try tools from here, I had heard great things. And yes, the tools I got were fantastic! I am so pleased. Thank you for having a place to easily find high-quality tools for reasonable prices."

Mindy, from MA   4.5 star rating

"Fantastic product. An excellent value for the money."

ETP, in USA   5 star rating

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Videos of using the Switchblade Hoe...

...with the Stirrup Hoe attachment

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Using the Stirrup Hoe option for medium weeds.   A stirrup hoe blade stays on the ground where it is slid forward (with minimal weeding or soil churning), the pulled backwards which pivots the blade for best weeding and churning of the soil.


...with the Wire Weeder attachment

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Using the Wire Weeder option for weed sprouts.   A wire hoe is dragged across the soil surface where it grabs young weeds and pulls them loose. It is only pulled lightly across the soil, never pushed.

Assembling and Using the Switchblade Hoe

The assembly and tool usage instructions are fully shown on the 3 linked pages below. To print the complete Switchblade Hoe instructions click here

Assemble handle to fit your height

Our Switchblade Hoe can fit everyone, whether short, tall, or average. It does this by having BOTH a multiple angle connector for the tool heads AND a telescoping handle length.

1. Assemble the Connector based on your lowest rib height

While standing straight, measure the distance from the ground to the bottom of your lowest rib at your side. This determines how to assemble the Connector into the handle.

If your lowest rib height is 39" or less, assemble the Connector with the single notch exposed and facing upwards. If it is 40" to 47", the double notch should face upwards. Or if it is 48" or more, the triple notch should face upwards...(continued)

See the rest of these Instructions here:   How to adjust handle length and angle

Attach and use Stirrup Hoe heads

A stirrup hoe is used on SMALL weeds with a back and forth action similar to scrubbing. It is designed to work (to rip and uproot weeds) only on the back stroke (when it is pulled towards the user). On the forward stroke, the blade should just gently skim across the soil surface.

1: Attach a Blade, and adjust the Handle length

Attach a blade to the connector using the two supplied pins and clips.

Rest the clean blade on the carpet with the bottom of the blade flat, as shown in the drawing. Position your rear hand at the top of your hip bone, and stand upright with good posture...(continued)

See the rest of these Instructions here:   Assemble and Use the Stirrup Hoe

Attach and use Wire Weeder heads

A wire hoe is used on new weeds, which are also called thread-stage or sprouts. It is simply dragged across the soil surface, and the small weed stems wrap around the thin wire and are pulled out. Use it weekly to prevent weeds from becoming large or strong.

1: Attach a Wire loop, then adjust Handle length

The wire loops are attached using the two short pins through the holes in the end of the handle Connector.

The wire hoe can be used with the handle in line with the wire loop (straight), or with the handle pivoted (angled) about 45 degrees to the wire loop...(continued)

See the rest of these Instructions here:   Assemble and Use the Wire Hoe

Tool Specifications

Each Switchblade Hoe includes:

  • 2 stirrup hoe blades (3" and 5" wide)
  • 3 wire hoe loops (2", 4" and 6" wide)
  • Telescoping aluminum handle
  • Adjustable steel connector, pins, and clips

Weight of complete hoe: 3 lbs

Blades: Width = 1.25", Height = 4", Thickness = 1/8", Made in USA

Wires: Height = 3.75", Thickness = 0.10", Made in USA

Handle: Length = 42" to 68", Diameter = 1.2", Made in China

Designed by Greg Baka, the owner of EasyDigging.com

Switching heads, and extending handle

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Replacement Parts

Stirrup Hoe blade set (2 items, 3" + 5" widths)
 Add to Cart     $16.00

Wire Weeder set (3 items, 2", 4" + 6" widths)
 Add to Cart     $9.00

Telescoping Handle (1 item, 42" to 68" length)
 Add to Cart     $22.00

Connector (connects the blade to the handle)
 Add to Cart     $14.00

Pins, Clips, and Chain set (1 complete assembly)
 Add to Cart     $5.00

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