The Switchblade Hoe comes with both wire weeder and stirrup hoe options. Here is...

Wire Weeder Hoe Assembly and Use

Author: Greg Baka

A wire hoe is used on new weeds, which are also called thread-stage or sprouts. It is simply dragged across the soil surface, and the small weed stems wrap around the thin wire and are pulled out. Use it weekly to prevent weeds from becoming large or strong. *It is NOT used for hacking weeds or dragging deeply through the soil.

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Step 1: Attach a Wire loop, then adjust the Handle length

There are three widths of wire loop to choose from. The 2 inch wide loop is for tight space between crop plants within a row. The 4 inch is for larger spaces and for the open area between rows. The 6 inch is just for the open areas between rows.

The wire loops are attached using the two short pins through the holes in the end of the handle Connector. (see Pin info at bottom of page)

The wire hoe can be used with the handle in line with the wire loop (straight), or with the handle pivoted about 45 degrees to the wire loop (angled). See drawing below.

The Switchblade Hoe's wire weeders can be used straight or angled

There is no rule for wire weeders to relate your height to the best handle length. Since the wire loop does pivot freely, a longer handle length will allow dragging the wire loop straight across the surface without unintended pivoting or twisting of the wire.

In general, use the longest handle length that allows you to easily CONTROL the tool and SEE the weeds you are removing.


Step 2: Use the Wire Hoe in the garden

This tool is just dragged lightly across the surface of the soil. That is all that is needed for it to pull out the fresh weed sprouts. It is not strong enough for dragging deeply through the soil, nor is that an effective weeding method. Light, fast, and easy is way this tool should be used.

For the tight spaces between plants within a row:
Use either the 2 inch or 4 inch wide wire. Stand to the side of the row and extend the wire loop beyond the gap between the plants. Drag it back towards you. Then lift and repeat in the next space. Much like regular hoeing but easier, and safer for your crops.

For the long open area between your rows:
Use either the 4 inch or 6 inch wide wire. Walk parallel to the row while dragging the tool to the side and behind you. (See the photo below)

  • If the crops border the path you are walking in and weeding, keep the handle in the Straight position.
  • If the row you are weeding is in the middle of a bed, use the handle in the Angled position. (see drawing above)

using the wire weeder on a long garden row

Assembling the Wire Loop to the Connector:

The wire loops fit INTO the space in the middle of the Connector. Each wire has two eyelets that are used for attaching it into the Connector. You may need to flex the wire a little to align the eyelets with the holes. (See the drawing below for Assembly Steps)

how to pin the wire weeder hoe blade to the Switchblade Hoe

How to use the Pins and Clips

How the Connector is assembled sets the angle of the Handle to fit either a short, average, or tall person.

The LONG pin attaches the Connector to the Handle. The two SHORT pins fasten the blade or wire to the Connector. The chain prevents loss of the clips. See the drawing below for the correct assembly of the pin and clip.

how to use the connecting pins and clips on the Switchblade hoe

The Switchblade Hoe also includes Stirrup Hoe heads.
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