How to adjust the Switchblade Hoe to fit you

Author: Greg Baka

An important feature of our Switchblade Hoe is it's ability to fit everyone, whether short, tall, or average. It does this by having BOTH a multiple angle connector for the tool heads AND a telescoping handle length. This article will tell you how adjust the tool to fit you perfectly.

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Assemble the Connector based your lowest rib height

How the Connector is assembled sets the angle of the Handle to fit either a short, average, or tall person.

While standing straight, measure the distance from the ground to the bottom of your lowest rib at your side. This determines how to assemble the Connector into the handle. See the image of assembly options below.

If your lowest rib height is 39 inches or less, assemble the Connector with the single notch exposed and facing upwards. If it is 40 to 47 inches, the double notch should face upwards. Or if it is 48 inches or more, the triple notch should face upwards.

adjust Switchblade Hoe angle and height to match user

The next step is to connect and use either a Stirrup Hoe head or a Wire Weeder head.
Click here for Stirrup Hoe Instructions
or here for Wire Weeder Instructions

What's It Like To Use This Weeding Hoe?

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How to use the Pins and Clips

How the Connector is assembled sets the angle of the Handle to fit either a short, average, or tall person.

The LONG pin attaches the Connector to the Handle. The two SHORT pins fasten the blade or wire to the Connector. The chain prevents loss of the clips. See the drawing below for the correct assembly of the pin and clip.

how to use the connecting pins and clips on the Switchblade hoe

Tightening the Handle Clamp

If the handle clamp becomes too loose to keep the handle at your desired length, it can be re-tightened. Just open (release) the clamp and use a 2.5mm hex key to tighten the bolt within the clamp a QUARTER TURN. If that makes it too tight, open the clamp an loosen the bolt a little. Or if still not tight enough, open the clamp and tighten the bolt a little more.

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