Italian Grape Hoe

Italian Grape Hoe
Eye Hoe
using an Italian Grape Hoe
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Italian Grape Hoe

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The 8" wide tool is for weeding large spaces and garden rows. It is a time-tested design used around the world. This very sharp 2 pound tool head is specially forged and tempered steel for long-lasting durability. Complete with a 5 foot long Ash handle.

Grape Hoe Details

This sharp and fast hoe easily slices even thick weeds. Quickly weed your garden rows, paths, and around fruit trees or grape arbors. Please read the "How to Use" tab, and see the videos below.

Use Grape Hoes to...

● quickly weed large areas and paths
● cultivate in preparation for planting
● clear thick weeds and undergrowth
● pull sand, soil, or fine stone from a truck

These tools have been used for centuries - because they are fast, simple, and effective.


Customer Reviews of the Italian Weeding Hoe

"This tool cut my extensive weeding time by at least 2/3rds! Its traditional and timeless design make weeding a relatively pleasant task. The design of the hoe optimizes slicing weed roots about a 1 to 2 inches below the surface. As always, maintaining a sharp cutting edge really makes mincemeat of those stubborn weeds even in compacted soil. Wish I had known of this particular hoe many years ago! Thoroughly recommend and their products!"

Harrison R, from CA  

"Easy Digging shipped my tools right away and the 2 hoes I got (Grub and Grape) are the most amazing garden tools I have ever owned."

Tim, in CA  

"I purchased both the wide grape hoe and 6" chopping hoe. I have to say that it is the most effective hoe I have ever used. Keep it sharp and it will cut through anything in the garden. I no longer dread weeding, as if I miss a couple of days it is no harder to chop. I have sliced through weeds up to 6 feet tall, clump grasses, wet, or dry. This hoe is unstoppable!"

Daniel, from MO  

"I have purchased the 8" grape grubbing hoe and the 6" digging hoe. Both are excellent tools for their task. My personal favorite is the 8 inch tool, weeding the garden is so easy with this tool. Looks are deceiving, one would think that the size of the tool would be awkward, but it is not, it is so well balanced and easy to use, it will be my tool of choice for years to come! "

John C, from TX  

"I bought the italian grape hoe for sale by Easydigging. Fantastic tool, well made. Pricey, but worth it. Delivery was quick and even a personal note on the packing list (great touch!). Very happy."

Mark, in PA  

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Watch these videos to see what you can do with grape hoes...

Video of Grub, Grape, and Pointed Hoes.   Nice demonstration of all three, and how they are used for different tasks. If you are in a hurry, the Grubbing Hoe info is at 25 seconds and at 1 minute 45 seconds (1:45), Grape Hoe at 0:48 and at 2:35, Pointed Hoe at 1:15 and at 3:30


Some speedy action! The Italian hoe is best known as the fastest way to weed large areas, but it is also a great tool for moving loose soil. Check out this fun little time-lapse video to see just how fast you can move soil with your weeding tool.

Weeding with an eye hoe is done by keeping the blade parallel to the ground and pulling the tool towards you in short strokes with the blade just under the surface of the soil. Thick weeds, and even small woody plants, can be cut with a forceful chop of the grape hoe blade - this a very strong tool.

Weeding with an eye hoe Review of our grape hoe

Click here for tool sharpening and care tips


Video from New Zealand, with music! She shows many different uses for the tool. Some of the weeding is pretty aggressive.

Forged Steel - How our tools are manufactured...


Forging is the process of forming and shaping metals through the use of hammering, pressing or rolling. The process begins with a bar or slab of steel which is heated to its plastic deformation temperature, then hammered or "kneaded" between dies to the desired shape and size. Forging is one of the oldest known metalworking processes, traditionally performed by a blacksmith using a hammer and anvil.

During the hot forging process, the steel's coarse grain structure is broken up and replaced by finer grains. Mechanical properties are improved by aligning the grain flow to obtain the desired directional strength. Forging can produce a piece that is stronger than an equivalent cast or machined part.

Our large metal wedge is included with every head or handle purchased.

Additional 60" handle

matched to Grape Hoe you are buying today

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Head for Grape Hoe

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WARNING: You can not share one handle between two heads. The wedged head-to-handle connection is permanent. Each hoe head needs it's own handle.


Sharpening File

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Farmer's Own sharpening file Keep your tools sharp!   With built-in handle. Designed to sharpen farm tools. Double-cut side for fast material removal, and single-cut side for finer sharpening. 8" file area + handle = 12" long.


Why is it called an Italian Grape Hoe?
Because the design originally came from the grape vineyards of Italy. This large weeding hoe was used to weed the paths between the long rows of grape vines, and around the base of each plant. A typical vineyard could cover many acres, so the hoes were made wide to speed up the weeding process.

This tool is sometimes called a Grape Grubbing Hoe, but that name is mix up of two different tool names. The difference between a grape hoe vs grub hoe is that the grubbing one is for digging, while the grape one is for weeding. They do look similar, but the angle and weight of the blade is definitely not the same.

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