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Hand Hoes

...get a Hand Mattock, or a Cultivator Fork

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Hand Mattock
Pick Point + Blade    
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Fork Cultivator
3 Tine Fork + Blade    
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The Hand Mattock features a 16" long wooden handle, and a 9" long steel head. The tool weight is 2 pounds.

Use your Hand Mattock to...

● till raised beds & flower gardens
● chop out large weeds
● create planting holes

The Hand Cultivator Fork features a 16" long wooden handle, and a 9" long steel head. The tool weight is 2 pounds.

Use your Hand Cultivator Fork to...

● aerate and loosen soil
● weed in beds & under shrubs
● create fine seedbeds


Customer Reviews of the Hand Hoe

"As soon as we put it together I took it out and started to dig up my flower bed. It worked very well on the weeds. Easy Digging made it easy to buy hand hoes online. I would recommend it to others."

Nancy T, from US  

"Purchased the Medium Fork Cultivator. Good price. Great product. Product did not come with any instructions on how to attach the head to the handle. I looked online and found a site which explained, so no problem. Due to the weight of the head, even with the knurled wood handle, the tool was hard to hold on to, wanting to slip out of my hand. I solved this by wrapping the handle with some racket tape. Now its perfect. The hand tiller is well made and durable and works like a dream with my handle modification."

Rog, in OH  

"The times I have used the hand hoe has been enjoyable, especially when transplanting collards, cabbage, broccoli etc. "

Terry, from AL  

"I'm a home gardener and the 16" hand cultivator and mattock are THE BEST. In I've found the quality of the steel used for the Easy Digging head isn't matched by any other tool on the market. I've bought others at those major box stores/chains that will remain nameless and none of them match Easy Digging! If you want to loosen the soil, remove lots of weeds or small saplings, this is the tool. Versatile and incredibly durable."

Ralph, from MN  

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Why is a short hand hoe handy to have?
There are times and places where you just want to be much closer to the soil surface than you can get with a long handled gardening hoe. Raised beds is the most obvious location. The other is flower beds where taller plants block your view from above.


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