Hand Hoe

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Hand Hoe or Mattock

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Our hand mattock comes with a forged steel head that is 2 inches wide and 5.5 inches long. The hardwood handle is 13 inch long. The total tool weight is 1 pound.

Use the Hand Hoe to...

  • till raised beds & flower gardens
  • weed tight spaces & under shrubs
  • aerate and loosen soil
  • chop out large weeds
  • create planting holes

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Customer Reviews of the Hand Hoe

"As soon as we put it together I took it out and started to dig up my flower bed. It worked very well on the weeds. Easy Digging made it easy to buy hand hoes online. I would recommend it to others."

Nancy T, from US   5 star rating

"I purchased a hand mattock and I'm so glad I did, it makes planting so easy and enjoyable. The mattock is well made and should last a lifetime. I'm so glad I found easy digging tools. "

Wayne, in NJ   4.5 star rating

"The times I have used the hand hoe has been enjoyable, especially when transplanting collards, cabbage, broccoli etc. "

Terry, from AL   5 star rating

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