Sharpening File

farmers own file, two views

Note: both sides of the same file shown.

Sharpening File

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Farmer's Own File with Integral Handle

Also known as a Sharpening File or Reaper's File

  • Double-cut on one side for faster cutting.
  • Single-cut on the other for a finer edge.
  • 8" file area + handle = 12" long. Width = 1"
  • Keep in your pocket while gardening.
  • For hoes, digging tools, mower blades, etc.

See our article "How To Sharpen a Garden Hoe"


Do I need a handle for this file?
No. Part of the definition of a "Farmers Own" file is that it has a permanent integral handle. They were originally made to fit safe and secure in that long narrow pocket on overalls (work clothing).


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