Oscillating Stirrup Hoe

oscillating or stirrup hoe
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Oscillating Stirrup Hoe

Our most aggressive weeding attachment. Quickly cut and uproot small weeds. Rip through big weeds and clumps of grass.   (but NOT for removing sod)

4.5 star rating   4.7 / 5.0   79 Ratings

6" wide model = $38.99

(for narrow rows)

8" wide model = $43.99

(8" is most popular size)

12" wide model = $48.99

(not for hard or clay soil)

All are In Stock, ready to ship.

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Oscillating Hoes ONLY. Wheel hoes sold separately.

Also see the Straddle Weeding Kit page which includes a Spreader bar + two 6" oscillating hoes.

These weeding attachments also go by the names Oscillating hoe, Stirrup hoe, and Hula hoe. They have a replaceable spring-steel blade that is sharpened on both the front and rear edges. The blade tilts 20 degrees forward and back for optimal weeding on both forward and backward strokes of the wheel hoe. The thick steel frame attaches to the wheel hoe with two bolts.

They are more aggressive and deeper-cutting weeder than the Sweeps. See the videos below for tips on using this attachment.

Weeding hoes can be used on these machines:

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Oscillating Hoe Instructions

Customer Reviews of the Oscillating Hoe

"The oscillating blade for my wheel hoe arrived very quickly and works wonderfully. What a pleasure to weed the garden now! My only regret is that I didn't purchase this blade two years ago when I first heard about it. Thank you for your prompt service and reasonable price."

Brenda S, from FL   5 star rating

"I am using the 6” oscillating attachment to weed. Very pleased so far. A good purchase."

Bob, from IN   4.5 star rating

"I bought the Wheel Hoe double wheel hoe cultivator with several attachments as a birthday present for my husband. We love to work in the garden, but never have enough time for the planting and weeding that needs to be done. The oscillating hoes allow me to weed a 60'x60' garden in about 45 minutes and the seeder attachment allows me to plant a row of seeds in a few minutes..."

April, in MI   5 star rating

"Purchased basic unit with cultivators and an additional 8” stirrup hoe attachment. The whole unit is very well made and everything fits well. The unit works very well. Its not easy to use, it requires some physical effort, but is not hard to use. Compared to an old high-wheel hoe I was using, the Wheel Hoe unit is much easier to use, and works better. All around, money well spent."

Dale H, from CA   4.5 star rating

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Videos using the Oscillating Hoe

Oscillating stirrup hoe being used   See our most popular weeding accessory. Watch the way she keeps moving forward with it at a steady walk. Debris can also be cleared from the blade by pulling the handles back a little.


Video created by a happy customer.   She shows the stirrup hoe in use. A nice demonstration of why it is important to choose an oscillating hoe width that you can easily push through your soil and weeds.

One Year Warranty

  • The one year warranty covers any defects in materials or workmanship, with the exceptions stated below.
  • The warranty lasts one year from date of purchase.
  • The warranty does not cover discoloration caused by exposure to sunlight or chemicals.
  • Hoss will repair or replace any item that proves to be defective in materials or workmanship.
  • In the event repair is not possible, Hoss will either replace your item with a new item of similar composition and price, or refund the full purchase price of the item — whichever you prefer.

Contact us at 573-823-3539 and we will take any action necessary to correct problems covered by this warranty.


I have a stirrup hoe on a long handle. Does this work the same way?

Not really. A hand-held stirrup hoe (mounted on a long stick) is used with a scrubbing action. That action is a rapid back-n-forth scrubbing/scraping action across the soil surface. But with this tool on a wheel hoe, you will work with the most speed and least effort if you can minimize the "back-n-forth" scrubbing. As the videos above show, by selecting the right size tool and keeping the weeds from getting too large, you can do the weeding by just pushing in a steady forward direction. But when the weeds get thick, you will have the ability to "scrub" them with the wheel hoe and destroy them.


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