Offset Handle Kit

Hoss offset handles

Offset Handle Kit

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Set of 2 steel brackets + fasteners.

Offset handles are for those growing in low raised beds. They allow you to push your Hoss wheel cultivator through the bed while you walk to the side.

Use of these thick steel brackets angles the handles 10 degrees to either the left or right side (your choice). They are intended for use in loose garden beds for light weeding and cultivating. For tasks requiring more force, it is best to first remove these brackets.

The Offset Handles Kit can be used on these machines:

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Why would I use Offset Handles?
Some gardeners plant in long loose beds, and they way they keep them loose (not compacted) is by not walking on them. This is usually done for small fast growing crops (lettuce, carrots, radish, etc). By making very long narrow beds, and using a wheel hoe with offset handles, these folks can grow a lot of small crops efficiently AND not walk on their garden beds.


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