Goosefoot Cultivators

Hoss Winged Sweeps, 4 and 6 inch
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Goosefoot Cultivators

also called Winged Sweeps

Combination weeding and cultivating attachment. Good for heavy weeds and hard soils.

Sold in 2 piece or 3 piece sets.

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4" wide / 2 Pack = $ 49.00

4" wide / 3 Pack = $69.00

6" wide / 2 Pack = $59.00

6" wide / 3 Pack = $79.00

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These cultivating + weeding attachments go by the names Cultivator Sweeps, Goosefoot Cultivators, and Winged Sweeps.

The carbon-steel blades are angled to easily dig into the soil. The blades come sharp and ready to use, and they can be re-sharpened with a file or grinder.

Upturned ends on the blades both flip the weeds to prevent them from re-rooting, and provide a visual indicator for weeding close to crops.

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Goosefoot Weeders can be used on these machines:

If you have a Single Wheel Hoe, use 1,2, or 3. But for a Double Wheel Hoe, use only 1 side.

These goose foot cultivators are a more aggressive and deeper-cutting weeder than our larger standard Sweeps (Weeding Blades).

For cultivator teeth WITHOUT the wide blades, check out our standard Cultivator Teeth.

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