Set of 3 Cultivator Teeth

wheel cultivator with three teeth
close-up of Hoss cultivator teeth
Hoss double wheel cultivator in use

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Cultivator Teeth

Set of 3 heavy-duty teeth + fasteners.

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This set of three cultivator teeth can be used to till your garden in the Spring, then keep the rows crumbly all season for weed control and fast rain absorption.

Use your Cultivator Teeth to...

● loosen and till garden soil before seeding
● break soil crust after a hard rain
● weed your rows by uprooting the weeds
● straddle cultivate with Double wheel model

Cultivator Teeth Details

Their narrow throat and a wide foot provides good shallow cultivation under the soil. These teeth are a great attachment for lifting, loosening, and adding air back into the soil after heavy rains.

When the rain and sun form a hard crust on your garden's soil, use the teeth to break and till the crust. Also they can be used to speed up the drying of wet soils by exposing more surface area for evaporation.

The cultivator teeth can be used on these machines:

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Why not use 5 or 6 cultivator teeth?
When the teeth get too close together, they start to act more like a bulldozer than a tiller. Keeping some distance between each tooth allows clods, stones, and plant material to pass between the teeth - instead of just collecting in front. Three teeth really is the magic number for easy pushing and good cultivation. The double wheel models come with four teeth to allow "straddle cultivating" with two teeth on each side for small plants, or just one tooth on each side for larger plants.


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