Euro Wheel Hoe

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Euro Wheel Hoe

With 3 Attachments and Adjustable Handles!

4.5 star rating
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An affordable way to make gardening faster and easier on your body.

Wheel hoes have been used for over a century to cultivate the soil, control weeds, and prepare for planting. This European made wheel hoe features strong steel construction, and the three popular easy-to-attach implements. Speed up your garden chores and ease the load on your back and muscles with this long-lasting tool.

Assembly using wrenches required. See instructions below.

What's It Like To Use This Euro Wheel Hoe?

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Why You Will Love Your New Wheel Hoe

  • Includes three useful attachments to keep your garden under control and productive.
  • Handles adjust to fit your height, and can pivot to the side for use in beds.
  • Efficiently weed, cultivate, and plow your vegetable garden for better harvests
  • European made of powdercoated steel so you can rest easy knowing this tool will last.

What Customers say about our Euro Wheel Hoe

"This has been a great help in the garden, worth every penny. "

Ann, in MS   4.5 star rating

It was very easy to place my order, package arrived very fast and the manual plow is working fine at our rural property, which has very sandy soil. It's a very sturdy, well-built item of great materials and was easy to put together. It pulls up garden weeds in that sandy soil with ease. To be very honest, I'm not sure it would do so as easily here at my city home where the soil is very dense, containing considerable roots and limestone bits dispersed throughout, where I would have to have a power tiller. I'm 73 and just don't have the strength I once did in my arms to push the manual plow through tougher soil. But at the location where I planned to use this tool, it is just perfect! Am very pleased to have this item in my garden shed.

Peggy, from TX   5 star rating

"I have ordered several hoes, a broadfork, and a wheel hoe from, and without exception all of them are excellent tools. I fully expect to hand these down to my children and grandchildren. They do a great job with garden prep, and my plants have never been happier. I would order again without hesitation."

R.K., from MO   5 star rating

"The tools are very good quality. Shipping was free and arrived quickly. I will use the site again for additional tools."

James in USA   4.5 star rating

Videos of using a Euro Wheel Hoe

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Video of 8" OSCILLATING HOE   This attachment is used for weeding the rows and paths in your garden.


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Video of CULTIVATOR TEETH   This attachment is used for cultivating and stirring soil in the garden.

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Video of FURROWING PLOW   This attachment is used for opening a planting furrow in loose garden soil.


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Video of CHANGING HEADS   It shows how quick and easy it is to change attachments without tools.

Assembling and Using this wheel hoe

The assembly and usage instructions are shown below. A paper copy of the Assembly Instructions is included with each unit. To download or print the instructions click here

Assembly Instructions

This wheel cultivator is shipped partially assembled. You will need to assemble the handles. The fasteners are supplied, but you will need to provide and use two wrenches.

1. Verify that you have these parts:

  • 1 Frame with wheel
  • 2 upper Handles
  • 1 Handle cross-brace
  • 1 lower Handle assembly
  • 4 LONG bolts with nuts
  • 4 SHORT bolts with nuts
  • 1 Three-tine Cultivator
  • 1 Plow
  • 1 8 inch Stirrup Hoe
  • 1 Hitch Pin with Clip
adjust Switchblade Hoe angle and height to match user

2. Assemble UPPER portion of the handles:

Using 2 long Bolts, connect the 2 upper Handles together with the Handle cross-brace. Snug them, but do NOT tighten the bolts yet ... (continued)

Click to see all the Instructions:   Assembly Instructions

adjust Switchblade Hoe angle and height to match user

Handle Adjustments (Up/Down & L/R)

The handles feature two adjustments. The height of the handles can be angled up and down to fit your height. Also they can pivoted left or right (offset) to allow to operate the wheel hoe from the side.

Adjust handle position to match your height:  To adjust the handles for comfort and efficiency, first attach the Stirrup Hoe to the unit. Loosen the 4 short bolts that attach the Handle to the Frame. Pivot the handles up or down until the black grips are hip height (between your bellybutton and groin). Re-tighten the 4 bolts. Try the unit in the garden, and make any final adjustment that makes you arms and wrists more comfortable.

Offset Handle option:  The handles can be pivoted to either side. This allows you to walk and push from the side of the wheel hoe, rather than from directly behind. This is useful for use in low raised beds, and in hoop houses. To make this adjustment, flip the unit upside down, and loosen the two bolts that pass through the hitch bar. Rotate the tall U-shaped channel that the handles bolt to. Re-tighten the two bolts.

Click to see detailed Instructions for the handles.

adjust Switchblade Hoe angle and height to match user

Handles in optional Offset Position

Using your Euro Wheel Hoe

How you use this wheel hoe depends on what attachment you hook to it. Just like a tractor is only useful when you attach an implement to it (plow, disc harrow, planter, etc), the wheel hoe frame's purpose is to support and guide that accessory you attach to it. Your attachments are the Cultivator Tines, Stirrup Hoe, and Furrowing Plow.

1: Using the Cultivator Tines

These are also called cultivator teeth. They are used to stir and aerate the top soil. The stirring action can be used to work in amendments, compost, and fertilizer. Stirring also uproots and kills weeds.

Breaking up soil crust is another common task for this attachment. Doing this before a rain or watering lets moisture enter the soil rather than running off. It also makes it easier to weed.

2: Using the Stirrup Hoe

This is also called an Oscillating Hoe. It is used for weeding garden soil. The blade tilts or rocks back and forth to create the best weeding angle in both the forward and backward directions.

Walking steadily forward is the best method. It uses your strong leg muscles more than your arms. And it is fastest way to weed. Only back stroke (pull back on) the unit to catch a weed that you missed.

3: Using the Furrowing Plow

This is also called an Opening Plow. It is used in loose soil to create a furrow (V-shaped channel) for planting seeds, bulbs, and transplants. The depth of the channel is controlled by how deeply you press down on the handles while walking forward.

After the seeds are planted, you can turn the plow around and push it down the channel to close (pull soil back into) the furrow.

Attachments include with each Euro wheel hoe

Tool Specifications

Each Euro Wheel Hoe includes:

  • Body (frame, wheel, and handles)
  • 8 inch wide stirrup hoe
  • 9 inch wide cultivator tine set
  • V-shaped furrowing plow

Weight of unit: 12 lbs

Manufactured in Hungary

Material of frame and attachments: powdercoated steel

Material of wheel: black nylon


Accessories and Replacement Parts

Wider 12" Stirrup Hoe
 Add to Cart     $47.00

Blade Only: for included 8" stirrup hoe
 Add to Cart     $20.00

Blade Only: for wider 12" stirrup hoe
 Add to Cart     $22.00

Single black plastic Handle Grip
 Add to Cart     $3.00

Plastic Wheel
 Add to Cart     $16.00

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