Straddle Weeding Kit

Straddle weeding kit attached to Hoss wheel hoe
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Straddle Weeding Kit

Weeds both sides of the row at once. (for small plants)
Includes a pair of 6" oscillating hoes and a Spreader Bar.

Made in the USA

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Straddle Weeding Kit  SAVE $16 over buying pieces
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Includes: Spreader bar + two 6" stirrup hoes

spreader bar fo Hoss wheel cultivator

Spreader Bar (used for other custom set-ups)
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14-3/4" long, thick 1/4" steel

Straddle weeding is done with a double wheel hoe, and a pair of weeding attachments. They could be 6" oscillating hoes (like this kit uses), or they can be Weeding Sweeps (see info on the Sweeps here. You can also do "straddle cultivating" using the Cultivator Teeth that come with every wheel hoe.

But straddle weeding is NOT meant for all crops, or all gardens. It is primarily used by commercial growers with many rows of small plants, like leaf lettuce, radishes, carrots, etc. "Many" because it takes awhile to get the width set correctly, so you don't want to do it for just 1 or 2 rows. "Small" because the maximum width between the hoes is 4", and the space under the wheel hoe frame is just 5" high, so you do not want to damage larger or non-flexible plants. (leaf lettuce and carrot tops are flexible and can be temporarily be bent over)

Oscillating hoes are more aggressive and deeper-cutting weeders than the Sweeps. If your garden has hard soil, or problems with grass or larger weeds, than you should use the Straddle Weeding Kit.   See the video below for tips on using this attachment.

This straddle weeder kit can be used on these machines:

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Video of the Straddle Weeder

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Video of straddle weeding.   Note how he walks forward at a steady space. You should only "scrub" the hoes back-n-forth when encountering large weeds.

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What is the alternative to straddle weeding?

The alternative is to weed just one side of the row at a time - and this is NOT a bad thing. Weeding just one side at a time is normally done with a wider oscillating hoe (8" or 12") or with the Sweeps. You walk the wheel hoe up and down each side of the row, steering the weeding attachment in as close as comfortable to the crops. The nice part is that with just this one setting of the attached tool, you can just keep going weeding all your crops - from beets, to corn, to tomatoes.


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