Double and Single Wheel Conversion Kits

Hoss double wheel conversion kit

Double Wheel Conversion Kit

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1 wheel, 1 long axle, dust covers, nuts

This kit is for converting a Hoss single wheel hoe into a Double wheel version. See video below for instructions.

Hoss single wheel axle

Axle to convert to Single Wheel

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1 short steel axle

This axle is used to convert a Hoss double wheel hoe to the Single wheel version. See the video below for instructions.

Conversion kits can be used on these machines:

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Video showing the conversion process

This shows the steps for converting from a single wheel to a double wheel model. To convert from double to single, just reverse the steps.

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What are the pros and cons of the Double Wheel?
The single wheel model is a little easier to steer, and can get closer to bushy plants for weeding. The double wheel model is more stable (less tippy) and increases your weeding options by allowing straddle weeding. It is also more likely to stay upright when you take your hands off the handles.


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