Hoss Wheel Hoe

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Hoss Wheel Hoe

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Loosen and stir the soil with the Cultivator Teeth. Open furrows, build up ridges, or hill your corn with the Plow Set. Control weeds all season with the Oscillating Stirrup Hoe.

Made in the USA

The Hoss Wheel Hoe features...

  • Heavy-duty steel Frame
  • Rugged 15" Wheel(s)
  • Curved wooden handles
  • Set of Cultivator teeth

Free Shipping to continental US   1 Year Warranty

Hoss Wheel Hoe: Single and Double Wheel models

  4.6 / 5.0   242 Ratings

Standard packages:

These are the base units, with just the cultivator teeth.   Full list of attachments here

Single Wheel model
$209.00    Add to Cart     In stock, ready to ship. 
INCLUDES: Single wheel unit, with 3 cultivator teeth.


Double Wheel model
 $249  $239.00    Add to Cart     In stock, ready to ship.
INCLUDES: Double wheel unit, with 4 cultivator teeth.


LOADED packages: - Sale!

Many people buy these with PLOWS and an OSCILLATING HOE, so we created the "Loaded" package for you.

Full details on Plows and the Oscillating Hoe here

Single Wheel model (easier + more precise steering)            
 $302  $289.00    Add to Cart     In stock, ready to ship. 
Saves $13.00 over buying separately.
INCLUDES: Single wheel unit, with 3 cultivator teeth,
+ 8" Oscillating Hoe
+ Plow Set (L+R)


Double Wheel model (more weeding options / more stability)
 $342  $319.00    Add to Cart     In stock, ready to ship.
Save $23.00 over buying separately.
INCLUDES: Double wheel unit, with 4 cultivator teeth,
+ 8" Oscillating Hoe
+ Plow Set (L+R)

Click here for LOADED models with the Seeder Attachment

Buy a Hoss wheel hoe online from us with confidence that it is the best equipped tool on the market. Use the oscillating hoe, plows, or the cultivator teeth to prep your garden and keep the rows clean all season.

All steel construction, finished off with a set of Amish made ash handles. This is a heirloom quality tool you can pass down to the next generation of gardeners.

Be sure to watch the push plow videos halfway down this page.

If you would like to see all the possible accessories side-by-side, please click here for the complete Hoss Tools Attachments page. Or go to their product pages using the links below.


Customer Reviews of the Hoss Wheel Hoes

"Very pleased with the Hoss single wheel hoe. Ordered the package with the cultivator tines, oscillating hoe, and plows. I can keep the garden weeded, while my son is busy doing hay. Garden size this summer is about 12 rows, 125 feet long. "

Cecelia, from OK  

"I received my garden push plow in a timely manner. I purchased the double wheel package, cultivators, 8" oscillating hoe, furrow/hilling plow set, seeder and row marker I have only used the hiller for covering potatoes so far and am looking forward to using the seeder. Gardening is so hard on the back, I know this tool will make great difference. The seeder will space all my seed in a uniform manner. Great tool."

Bobby, from VA  

"I purchased the 2 wheel combo with seeder, plow, 8" hoe. Used the plow and seeder for first time planting corn and potatoes. Finished everything in about an hour, if I had done all this by hand would have taken 4 to 5 hours. Everything worked great and thinking about buying another Hoss Tools wheeled hoe so I don't have to change out the seeder and the plow blades"

Rolle, in NC  

"I love this Hoss double wheel hoe! We bought the 2 wheel loaded package with the disc harrow. We can do DAYS worth of weeding in hours with this thing. We grow 2 acres of vegetables for farmer's markets and this little baby is an incredible time saver. I believe I may even have the chance to go fishing this summer."

Jane, in MN  

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Hoss plow style handles

Wooden Handles:

These curved Plow style handles are supplied with all our Standard, Deluxe, and Loaded models...

The curved Plow style handles are best for steering which lets you weed very close to your crops.

Hoss pistol grip handles

...but if you prefer Pistol Grip handles:   -   First select your single or double wheeled hoe, then come back here and click this button,

Substitute handles

and we will send them - NO EXTRA CHARGE.


Watch the Hoss wheel hoe at work...

Video with the Plows:   This does show the older plows (with the green brackets) but the new plows are the same size and work the same way. You can see the plows used individually, and as a pair.


Oscillating hoe in action   This one shows our most common weeding attachment in use. Note how she walks it forward with a steady push. Debris can also be cleared from the blade by pulling the handles back a little.

This Loaded package includes an 8" oscillating hoe, also called a Stirrup hoe or a Hula hoe. The replaceable blade tilts 20 degrees forward and back for optimal weeding on both forward and backward strokes of the wheel hoe. It is a more aggressive and deeper-cutting weeder than the Sweeps.

For full details on the use and range of the oscillating hoes, please visit the Oscillating Hoes page.

oscillating or stirrup hoe 8 inch stirrup hoe Hoss oscillating stirrup hoe weeding a garden row

The Loaded package includes the Furrowing/Hilling Plow Set. This is a pair of Left and Right plows that can be installed singly or as a pair. For hilling (putting soil over the base of a row of crop plants) just a single plow is used. Installed as a pair in a V shape they are used for opening a large furrow. Installed as an Inverted pair (left plow on far right side, and vice-versa) they will pull soil to the center to create a ridge or close a furrow.

For full details on the use of the Plows, please visit the Plow Set page.

left and right Hoss plows Hoss push plow Hoss plows in hilling configuration

Weeding Sweeps are NOT included in the Loaded package. But they are a great weeding attachment you should look into, especially if you are getting a double wheel unit.

They can be used with the tips facing each other for weeding garden rows. They can also be used on the Double Wheel model with the tips pointing away from each other for Straddle Weeding.

For full details on the use and design of the Sweeps, please visit the Sweeps page.

left and right Weeding Sweeps Hoss sweeps weeding a garden row sweeps in row weeding configuration sweeps is straddle weeding configuration

sweep spacing diagram straddle weeding diagram

One Year Warranty

  • The one year warranty covers any defects in materials or workmanship, with the exceptions stated below.
  • The warranty lasts one year from date of purchase.
  • The warranty does not cover discoloration caused by exposure to sunlight or chemicals.
  • Hoss will repair or replace any item that proves to be defective in materials or workmanship.
  • In the event repair is not possible, Hoss will either replace your item with a new item of similar composition and price, or refund the full purchase price of the item — whichever you prefer.

Contact us at 573-823-3539 and we will take any action necessary to correct problems covered by this warranty.

Wheel hoes have been used for so many generations for one reason: they work great!

When your garden is too big for hand hoeing and too small for a tractor, the Hoss wheel cultivator is the tool to use. It is the easiest way of manually cultivating, weeding, and seeding long rows of garden plants.

The Planet Jr. Wheel Hoe is back! Good ideas never go away for long....

In the 1910's, 20's, 30's, and 40's the wheel cultivator ruled the gardening world. Every big garden had a wheeled hoe, and the Planet Junior models were king!

But in the 1950's market gardening started to quickly lose ground to industrial farming, while herbicides began replacing manual weeding tools. By the 70's we had almost lost a wealth of small-scale agricultural skills and tools. Fortunately enough young homesteaders and old-timers kept the knowledge alive.

The Hoss wheel hoe cultivator has duplicated the original Planet Jr push plow so well that the new attachments fit perfectly with the many of the old antique Planet Junior models and also the Glaser wheel hoe - an expensive European version of the Planet Jr.

Recently published Hoss Tools wheel hoe experiences from Carol Deppe's popular book, The Tao of Vegetable Gardening
These days I handle all my weeding of my half-acre home garden with a Hoss wheel hoe and hand tools.....I can grow about about as much food on half an acre weeded with a push plow and hand tools as on an acre spaced so that weeding between rows can be done with a rototiller.....When the weeds are tiny and tender, you can weed with a wheel cultivator with a stirrup hoe attachment by just walking straight down the row about as fast as you would walk normally, pushing the Hoss hoe in front of you. Ideally, you keep your garden weed-free by making such quick, almost effortless passes over it frequently.....


How is your Hoss Wheel Hoe different from other brands?

Here is a link to a detailed brand comparison, but we can summarize it quickly...   The models from Hoss Tools have a wider selection of attachments, at a lower price, than the other brands.

And they are made in the USA! The old-style garden push plows that just had some cultivator teeth or a plow blade have been replaced with these modern marvels with a wide variety of weeding, plowing, seeding, and cultivating attachments.


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Exclusive Wheel Hoe Info

The History of the Wheel Hoe

Exclusive book excerpt from Professor John R Stilgoe of Harvard

"By the close of the first decade of the new century, a handful of pleasure gardeners largely outside the circle of government-backed researchers had determined that vegetable gardens ought to be redesigned to make the most of wheel hoe efficiency and that the wheeled hoe ought to be the center of a larger system. Systematizing vegetable gardening in order to increase efficiency struck no one as new, but the notion of the wheeled hoe - and to a lesser extent, the scuffle hoe - as the generators of a system did. While Allen and Company had long claimed that large-scale truck farmers frequently employed ten or more men on large fields, each pushing a wheeled cultivator, not until 1911 did one innovator study the efficiency of the wheel hoe weeder in the small, family-sized garden..."


The Secret of Easy Weeding

Serious Gardeners: Be sure to read our latest article...

"So it is indeed best to manage your garden so that you only have to deal with small weeds. The secret to this has been known to farmers for many years, but rarely used by gardeners. Now that gardeners are kicking the herbicide habit it is time for this weeding secret to be shared."


Greg's Wheel Hoe Tips
Scroll down to see them all...

Handle Height

I occasionally hear from customers who say that it feels awkward to push their Hoss hoe because the handles are too high or too low. The fix is to adjust the handle height. There is quite a range of adjustability by simply loosening the bolts that attach the handles to the frame and angling the handles differently, as shown on page 4 step 7 on these Assembly Instructions.

If that doesn't move the handles enough for your liking, there is one more trick. The angle of the wheel hoe's frame itself can also be changed by adjusting the arms that connect the wheel to the frame. Take a look at the starred note (*) in the middle of page 3 of the Assembly Instructions. First note where the slots on the wheel arms are currently (high or low), then loosen the 4 bolts and pivot the wheel cultivator's arms the other direction. If you do not have an assistant to hold the handles while you do this, just temporarily remove the handles.

Keep it sharp...sort of

Weeding attachments like the sweeps or the oscillating hoes sometimes act as cutting tools. But most of the time they are scraping tools that lift the top layer of soil and then dump it off the back edge of the blade. So they need to be sharpened in a special way.

What they sometimes need to cut is the matted roots of grassy weeds, or the stems of bigger weeds they can not uproot. So you want the edges to be just barely sharp enough to tackle these. If they are too sharp, that edge will just quickly wear away in the soil. And if you keep re-sharpening them over and over trying to keep it too sharp, you will soon wear away the whole metal blade.

So the edge should not be sharp enough that you are likely to cut yourself while handling the tools. And please use a file or coarse sharpening stone to maintain the edge. A grinder is likely to overheat the metal, which softens it and lets it dull very quickly.

More coming Soon...