High Arch Wheel Hoe

Hoss High Arch wheel hoe with 4 teeth
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High Arch Wheel Hoe

Work both sides of your crops at the same time, or just run it down your paths.

4.5 star rating   4.6 / 5.0   24 Ratings

Standard package:

These are the base models, with no other attachments. See possible attachments

Standard model = $359   (comes with 4 cultivator teeth)

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It's time to get serious about gardening.

How much time and energy would you save if you could cultivate, weed, and hill both sides of your crop at once?

The High-Arch Wheel Hoe is a professional grade garden cultivator that will lighten you workload. It can be enhanced with lots of attachments to make your gardening tasks easier and your work day shorter.

Simply attach options like the sweeps, stirrup hoes, plows or more to the left and right frames to transform your wheel hoe into the efficient tool you need.   Click to see the full list of available attachments.

What’s It Like To Use This Wheel Hoe?

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Why You Will Like The High-Arch Wheel Hoe

The High Arch model excels at weeding, cultivating, or plowing BOTH sides of a row of crops at the same time. This technique is called "straddling" and it literally cuts your work in half.

● Straddle cultivating with the teeth loosens the soil on both sides at once.
● Straddle weeding slices weeds left and right with the same amount of effort.
● Straddle plowing (hilling) moves soil up & over the base of plants like corn & potatoes.

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Loaded package:

The most useful additions are the PLOWS and the 6" OSCILLATING HOES, so we made it into a package. And we cut the price!

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  • Basic High-Arch unit
  • 4 Cultivator teeth
  • Plow Set (L&R)
  • Two 6" Stirrup Hoes




Other possible attachments are the Goosefoot Cultivators and the Weeding Sweeps.
See them here

What Will I Get?

two stirrup hoes and plow set included with Loaded package two oscillating stirrup hoes come with Loaded package

Hilling tall corn with Hoss double wheel hoe Hoss High Arch wheel hoe with 4 teeth

Customer Reviews of the High-Arch Wheel Hoe

"Our Hoss wheel hoe works great, better than I anticipated and definitely better than the old wheel hoes I grew up using!"

Carl, from MO   4.5 star rating

"Love, Love, Love it. So easy to use. I can't believe I didn't get one sooner. I have a large garden and it has been much easier to weed using the Hoss wheel hoe. Last year I pulled so many weeds by hand that I got tennis elbow so I needed to find another way to fight the weeds. The Hoss fits that need perfectly."

Mary, from TX   4.5 star rating

"Love the Hoss Wheel Hoe. Perfect tool to help keep the garden clean. Will be ordering more attachments soon."

J.B., in NC   5 star rating

"These tools appear to be indestructible family heirlooms which I'll pass on down to my kids... can't find the simple design and industrial strength quality of these tools locally ... Will be buying some more tools from Easy Digging..."

Jake, in NC   4.5 star rating

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How To Use The High-Arch Model

Rather than explaining with words, here are a few videos showing it being used. You can see more videos on the pages for the individual attachments.

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Straddle weeding with High Arch wheel hoe:   Also shows a side-by-side comparison with the original Hoss double wheel version. Straddle weeding can shorten your weeding time.   Video Credit


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Hilling corn with the Plows   This short video shows how you can hill corn that is fairly tall by using a pair of plows that are facing each other but set far apart.



Weeding, plowing, cultivating & more made easy. Click to see the list of all Hoss attachments.

Visit any attachment's page below for full details and videos.

oscillating or stirrup hoe

Oscillating Hoe

6" unit = $33.99
8" unit = $38.99
12" unit = $43.99

More Info

Hoss Winged Sweeps, 4 and 6 inch

Goosefoot Cultivators / Winged Sweeps

$49 - $79
2 packs & 3 packs
More Info

Dual Wheel Hoe Specifications

Product Specifications:

Each Hoss wheel cultivator includes:

Steel Wheels - 15" Diameter - 3/8" bore with bronze bushings

Frame: Heavy-duty 1/4" formed steel, with green powdercoat finish

Handles: Ash hardwood - 56" long - with cross brace, unfinished

Cultivator Teeth: 3/16" thick steel with black powdercoat finish

Misc: All Fasteners and Instructions are included

Guarantee: 30 Day Refund / One Year Warranty   (details)

Buy a High-Arch wheel hoe online from us with confidence that it is the best equipped tool on the market. Use the oscillating hoes, plows, or the cultivator teeth to prep your garden and keep the rows clean all season.

All steel construction, topped off with a set of hardwood Ash handles. This heirloom quality tool can be passed down to the next generation of gardeners.

Made in the USA

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  • Save your shipping carton.
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One Year Warranty details:

  • The one year warranty covers any defects in materials or workmanship, with the exceptions stated below.
  • The warranty does not cover discoloration caused by exposure to sunlight or chemicals.
  • Hoss will repair or replace any item that proves to be defective in materials or workmanship.
  • In the event repair is not possible, Hoss will either replace your item with a new item of similar composition and price, or refund the full purchase price of the item — whichever you prefer.


Why Buy From Us?

Our philosophy here it Easy Digging is super straightforward. To deliver unique and easy-to-use tools that you will not find in local big box stores.

Our founder Greg Baka has used his engineering background to tweak common tools so they are more powerful and easier to use than ever. Every single product we offer is one we own and use on a regular basis. Every single tool we offer is exceptionally high quality so you can use it for years.

We call that the "Easy Digging Difference"


Is the High Arch better than the original Hoss Wheel Hoe?

Well, it is definitely different. I think it depends on your needs, and you gardening style.

If you are not interested in straddle weeding and straddle plowing, then it is fine to stick with the original models. They are lighter, a little more agile, and there are more accessories for the original model. Like the seeder attachment and the disc harrow.

But if you really want the ability to straddle both short and tall plants, then the High Arch is the best bet.


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