Unusual Wheelbarrows for easier hauling

Wheelbarrows designed for moving odd items like boxes, barrels, and firewood.

The common wheelbarrow does it's primary job well: haul soil from over here and dump it out over there. But it does not work so well when you need to move something unusual, like a big stone or potted plant, a barrel or machine, or a bunch of firewood or lumber. For these tasks you need something different, a special type of wheelbarrow, like the ones I will show you below...

Most of them share these features:

  • A platform that is close to ground level
  • Big wheels for easier rolling
  • The ability to strap or fasten odd shapes
  • Easy to modify for different loads


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2 minute video showing the basic idea.   This is the Lift Plus wheelbarrow. The ground level platform makes it easy to load. There is also a detachable bucket for loose materials like soil.


moving a barrel on a special wheelbarrow ground level wheelbarrow for moving heavy items wheelbarrow-cart moving a large potted plant


I'll present the biggest and most rugged versions first, then move on to the lighter home versions of these specialized lifters and haulers.

This first one is made in Vermont by the WHaTS Company, which is an abbreviation for Wheeled Hand Tool Systems. Their carts are like the Transformer robots of the wheelbarrow world. By swapping around a few parts you can use it to haul everything from firewood to lumber to barrels to people, or to do jobs like pulling fence posts!

The second wheelbarrow doesn't seem to be in production, but I do like how the bin pivots to stay above the wheel. The ability to drop off the bin for loading is pretty cool.

The third one would be good for a homeowner that wants to keep working in their yard while protecting their back and muscles. Watch the video below to see all the different things it lifts. An additional video shows it being used for soil and mulch.

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1) Moves just about anything.
This video shows the WHaTS cart moving logs and plywood, people and rocks. Even pulling shrubs out of the ground. It has a wide variety of unusual attachments.   Manufacturer


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2) Pivoting, removable bin.   This UK wheelbarrow has a truely unique design. The handles serve a special purpose seen in the video. The ability to easily detach and pick the bin back up gives the opportunity for teamwork. If you know of a manufactuer of these, please tell us in the Comments.

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3) Sized for home and yard.   This cart appears to have all the capabilities a homeowner could need. It's a wheelbarrow, two wheel cart, and odd item lifter - all in one. Great idea of using mesh nets and straps to lift like potted plants and rocks. Moves trash barrels and large paint buckets.   Dealer

I think there is a definite need for alternatives to the common wheelbarrow. Really now, how often does a homeowner move soil from one part of their yard to another? They are much more likely to move bags of mulch or decorative gravel around, or things like patio blocks. When someone gets elderly, the ability to safely move trash cans and landscaping supplies alone becomes pretty important.

This last video is just for fun. Some great kids doing synchronized wheelbarrow tricks to the beat of fun music. Give them a watch then head out to your driveway to amaze your neighbors with these tricks.

UPDATE : Our web store, EasyDigging.com, now sells it's own unusual wheelbarrow sort of cart. Click here to see our Easy Pull Garden Wagon