Adjustable Broadfork

Adjustable broadfork with 7 tines attached
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Broadfork Details

These tools are fabricated in the USA. The sharpened tines are hardened 1/2" steel rods that bolt through the frame. The horizontal Oak handle is reinforced underneath with a steel bar spanning the top of the fully-welded frame.

Why are they called Standard and Tall?   The Tall adjustable model is meant for people over 6 foot tall. The handles set 6 inches higher. The width, tines, and materials are the same for both Standard and Tall Adjustable models.

Adjustable Broadfork

Works for both aerating soil and harvesting root crops!

4.5 star rating   4.4 / 5.0   20 Ratings

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Adjustable Broadfork
  $000.00    Out of Stock   Out of Stock until 2024
11" tines, 47" overall height, 18" wide, 18 lbs

Adjustable Broadfork
  $000.00    Out of Stock   Out of Stock until 2024
11" tines, 53" high, 18" wide, 20 lbs (for those over 6 ft tall)

The Cartwright broadfork gives you the flexibility to change the number of tines, and their spacing, for different tasks. And is easy to repair if one ever bends!

Use this adjustable broad fork with 4 or 5 tines for aerating garden soil. Then later in the season, equip it with all 7 prongs to sift through the soil to harvest root crops like potatoes. (shipped with 7 tines)

See below for information about the Tine Spacing for different tasks. Also well more on the Special Features like the Offset Rear Leverage Bar and the Horizontal Handle.

Customer Reviews of the Adjustable Broad Fork

"I saw an ad in a national homesteading magazine for broad forks, did some research and although taken aback by prices, decided to give one a try for several reasons. I chose the EasyDigging fork because of it's versatility. After installing 5 tines, took it to the 40 yr old garden. No effort here, even some tough grass roots yielded. We had a wet spring and couldn't get the tractor into the run-ins, ended up with almost a year's worth of packed manure/wasted hay that the manure fork just couldn't loosen. Rocking the tines in and levering as directed, it was like magic!!! Now I'm looking forward to harvesting our root crops with it this fall. I do have one big regret: not finding this awesome American made tool sooner! Thanks Greg for making life easier at AspenEdge Farm!"

Barb, in NY   5 star rating

"I bought the broad fork. it is quiet and provides good physical and mental therapy. Broke up soil deeper than my rototiller."

Ken, from CA   5 star rating

"The broad fork I received was just as described, it is a well made tool. The same goes for the hoe I ordered. Using it has really eliminated the need for a roto-tiller, and using it is some-what strenuous but not too the extreme. I am a 67 yr. old man and I turned over a 40ft x 40ft vegetable garden in about 2 hrs. The great thing with this tool is that it does not destroy the soil composition. "

Bob, in MD   4.5 star rating

"I really hesitated to buy this fork due to the cost but finally decided to dig down my pocket and buy it. Should have done it 3 years ago when I started gardening. Like what it does.

John P, from ID   4.5 star rating

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Tine Spacing

The primary use of a broad fork is to aerate the soil deeper than a roto-tiller can reach. But with the Adjustable model you can also add enough tines to create a "comb" that can sift through the soil to harvest buried root crops like potatoes.

The options and spacings you can use are:
● 4 rods (spaced 6" apart = 18" total) for difficult soil.
● 5 rods (spaced 4" apart = 16" total) for good soil.
● 7 rods (spaced 3" apart = 18" total) for harvesting.

adjustable broadfork with 4 tines

4 tines for difficult soils

adjustable U bar digger with 5 tines

5 tines for good soils

adjustable broadfork with 7 tines

7 tines for harvesting potatoes.

Design Features

Besides the fully-welded steel frame, and the hardened 1/2" round steel tines, this broad fork has a couple other special features.

Offset Rear Bar:
This bar functions as both a step for pushing the tines into the soil, and better leverage when prying the tines up. When forcing the tines into the ground, you can step down forcefully on the rear bar while keeping the other foot on the ground for balance. It is also OK to stand on the outer portions of the main crossbar if you wish. The rear bar also provides a fulcrum effect that results in you not having to lean over as far when prying the tines all the way up through the soil, like for harvesting root crops. You can use this broadfork without the rear bar by simply turning the broadfork around to put the bar to the front, where it will have no effect on normal operation.

Horizontal wooden handle:
The horizontal steel bar directly under the handle creates a very strong and rigid tool. When embedding the tines into the soil you will primarily push with just one foot - but you can also your arms to push downward on the handle and to rock the tool back-and-forth for easier penetration. The horizontal handle keeps your wrists in a flat neutral position while pulling on the handles, for less strain.

Instructions for Aerating the soil:

When using this tool to aerate your garden soil it is only necessary to loosen it enough to temporarily create air passages down into the soil. You do not need to turn the soil over or sweep the prongs completely up through the soil.

Also see our article Why use a Broadfork for Aerating Soil

  1. Push the tines into the soil.
  2. Pull the handle back towards you 12 to 24 inches.
  3. Slip the tines back out of the soil by dragging it back.
  4. Back up about 10" and repeat Step 1

Take note that none of the steps above use the word "Lift"...only push,pull, and drag. Using this method saves you energy by not requiring the heavy tool to be lifted each time.

Push broadfork down into the soil Pull back handle to loosen soil Drag broadfork back and repeat

Guarantee Details

These tools are meant to last a long time, if not abused. They are fully capable of working in all garden soils. But they are not intended for turning sod, or for prying up boulders or stumps.

Satisfaction Guarantee
During the first 30 days, if you are not satisfied with the construction or function of your tool, please contact us to discuss a return, repair, replacement, or refund.

There is a One Year Manufacturer's Warranty on this tool. If your broadfork is damaged in normal use, they will either replace any bent tines or refund your purchase price, based on our discussion of the damage.