Reviews of our Fork Hoe from 2018 to 2023

The Chillington fork hoe is for cultivating and weeding. The tines of this forged hoe easily penetrate firm soil to stir and aerate the soil, or to remove weeds along with their roots.

We have been selling this Fork Hoe since we opened in 2007, and it has always been a customer favorite.

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I was really excited to try tools from here, I had heard great things. And yes, the tools I got were fantastic! I am so pleased. Thank you for having a place to easily find high-quality tools for reasonable prices.

Mindy B from MA     8/15/2022 4:12:00 PM

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Chillington Fork Hoe

the Chillington fork hoe makes my work easy.

Hiram from USA     11/11/2022 6:25:00 AM

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David the Good recommended in one of his books, and I must agree, these tools will probably outlive me. Weeding and turning up earth has never been easier, even in my red clay and rock soil.

brett from SC     5/13/2022 4:13:00 PM

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It's a pleasure working with such high quality tools! Both the fork hoe and Ploskorez hoe make working the soil less difficult for a petite, but determined gardener like me. The fork hoe is great for discovering and loosening rocks and roots when planting in new ground. I purchased and extra blade for the Ploskorez hoe and fashioned a short handle for it from PVC. Now I have an advantage over those tough, jungle-like weeds on my property.

SW Florida grandma from FL     9/16/2021 12:20:00 PM

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Canterbury Fork Hoe from England

Great tools. I was weeding with hand tools previously but with the Easy digging tools I do not have to bend down! The Fork Hoe is phenomenal! Weeds do not stand a chance! The Ploskorez hoe is useful in between close plants.

Laura G from NC     5/25/2021 11:39:00 AM

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I have the grub hoe, grape hoe, fork hoe, and meadow creature broadfork. Great tools and service. I don't need a tiller anymore and I break new ground with these tools. I highly recommend easy digging.

Richard Pollard from MO     5/20/2021 6:06:00 AM

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Tools purchased for my husband without his knowledge. He loves them!

Vivian from LA     4/16/2021 3:30:00 PM

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Order shipped surprisingly fast. The fork is exactly what I was looking for, very durable. A tool that will last you a lifetime.

CSand48 from WI     3/16/2021 4:20:00 PM

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I purchased a broadfork, a garden fork, a grub hoe and a fork hoe. I have used everything but the grub hoe so far. I have rocky soil with clay. By rocky I mean anything from 1 inch to 8 inch rock. By clay I mean hard pan clay at about 4 to 8 inches down. I have dug before using a pick and a digging bar; it is terrible. I started using the broadfork, fork hoe, and garden fork instead of digging bar and shovel. I am amazed at how well these tools work. It is easier to use my broadfork than my Troy Built. The Tory Built is getting sold. I cannot recommend the tools or Easy Digging more favorably. Thank you Easy Digging!!

Dennis from ID     2/17/2021 5:04:00 PM

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man using a fork hoe to break sod

I have purchased several garden tools from Easy Digging. All where long handle and perform very well. In and around the garden they are my go to tools. The 4" hoe for digging and trenching. The fork for breaking turning beds. The grape hoe for weeding. The pointed hoe for furrows. The ground fork for aerating. This set does everything I need quickly and with minimal effort. On several occasions, I have contacted Easy Digging for questions and delivery issues (USPS)... All communications have been responsive and with a quick resolution. I will purchase from them again and recommend them to friends and family.

David H from FL     1/18/2021 11:01:00 PM

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Love the digging experience. Order and shipping was perfect. A little disappointed the third tine was about 7 degrees out of alignment. Especially at this price point. 'Only the lord is perfect' though. But everything else is solid and it doesn't appear to affect digging. I suggest a quality control go-no go jig before shipping. If it bugs me too much I'll just grind it out and weld it straight. Over all happy.

Mike from USA     10/15/2020

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Quick delivery, well made, extremely effective to use.

JGH from DE     7/22/2020

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The fork hoe makes tilling up ground very effortlessly.takes alot less time to get the garden done.

Mark from PA     6/19/2020

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Great service, prompt delivery, great tool. What more can be said?!

Jerome from ME     6/17/2020

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Very pleased with the care and quality I received. Thank you.

Rusty Padgett from IN     5/21/2020

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My first order was lost by the mail service, called, and EasyDigging promptly sent a replacement that was delivered ASAP. Review of the Chillington fork-hoe: My back, my back! It thanks you! I have dug up my yard three times, a ton of work, I'll tell you. But this time is was soon finished, the fork-hoe dug deeper, moved more soil, with less effort, and the long handle allows one to lever the soil loose instead of using brute force. This is definitely a keeper. Glad I bought it.

MikeK from TX     4/21/2020

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Very quick delivery! Tools were very good solid quality.

Anonymous from USA     4/21/2020

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quality tool, easily assembled, should last a long time.

bobster from ME     1/15/2020

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The fork hoe and pointed hoe have both been excellent garden tools for me. I am so glad I chose to purchase them. They have made my gardening experience a joy and easier in maintaining my garden. I would recommend both for their quality and serviceability and the timely shipping time..

Gary from OH     7/19/2019

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Excellent products that make gardening so much easier in less time. Like all tools you must have the right tool for the right job. Let these Easy Digging tools work for you with less effort.

Manuel from FL     1/15/2019

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Very fast shipping.

Anonymous from USA     9/11/2018

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This was a solid, well built item; unlike the big hardware store brands. You can use it with some force and not worry if it is going to break.

Volkrider from FL     9/8/2018

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Got the 6" grub hoe and Chillington fork hoe. They are easy to use and way better than what you'd find in big box stores. I found the handle to be weaker than what I was used to in East Africa. They use oval shaped handles there (like what you find with mattocks) and which prevents the hoe from spinning if loose and also gives it better firmness. Overall these are the best tools I could find in the US for small gardening tasks and would highly recommend them.

Zeus from VA     8/27/2018

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Dear Greg, Best gardening tools I have ever purchased! I am going to use the 3-prong tool for digging potatoes which will do a great job. The pointed tool I have used for making furrows for planting seeds, and it is a superb tool for digging weeds out of the garden. So happy to have found your company -- Warren

Warren from CT     8/26/2018

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I first learned of the grug hoe from you guys. My favorites are the 3 tine digger and the grape hoe. All of your stuff is high quality. Highly recommended!

High quality . High productivity. from IL     8/25/2018

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Order came when they said it would with no issues. The hoe I got was just what they said it would be and works like a champ. I wouldn't doubt it if this thing out lives me. Very happy with Easy Digging and yes I do recommend them to anyone who needs quality tools.

Bob from NY     06/19/18

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I actually purchased the set of hoes for my sister. She had seen a set I had purchased over 8 years ago and recently asked me to sell her one of mine. I explained they were a set and I didn't want to lose one. She asked me to please order a set for her. She loves them, as I still do my own. They are an investment and pricey, but they are worth it. Also, by purchasing the complete set, she received a free sharpening file.

Joe from United States     06/19/18

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I'm newly retired and over the decades I have worn out many shovels and tillers in my garden. This is the best tool I have ever used both for my back and pocket book. Along with the grub hoe I can turn over a new garden spot deeper and better than before. This is a great tool for planting small trees. Work around a spot with 4 or 5 quick forkings, scoop out the loose dirt with my hands, set the sapling, slide the dirt back and water. My wife even likes to use it. She uses her weight not upper body strength to work the soil.

Opa from NC     04/17/18

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I haven't used the product yet. its for use to remove old grass, but its rainy season now, so i can't use it. ask me again in a couple months.

Eldeeboy from WA     04/17/18

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I haven't used the tools that I purchased yet as it is still winter in MN, however they are well made and heavy duty. They arrived well packaged and in a timely manner.

Jackie from MN     03/21/18

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I ordered the medium size long handled hoe and the similar three prong tool and for turning over soil in a 8'x10' foot garden the hoe is the tool to use. Previously I would have used a shovel, but this hoe seems to make the work much easier and faster and digs sufficiently deep with less effort than the old shovel. I look forward to using these tools. The long handle really helps.

JEH from United States     03/19/18

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