Pick Mattock ~ Cutter Mattock ~ Pick Axe

Pick Mattock Cutter Mattock Pickaxe or Railroad Pick Easy Digging Tools

Use your Pick Mattock to...

  • dig hardened or rocky soils
  • lever out stones and pavers

Use a Cutter Mattock for...

  • chopping out roots
  • trenching through tough soils

Use your Pick Axe to...

  • remove stones & thin concrete
  • break hard soil and gravel

Only Easy Digging has lighter heads with extra-long 45" handles

long and short pick handles

Typical hardware store picks and mattocks have a 5 pound head on a 36" handle. These are OK if you are young and strong, and need to do some heavy chopping - like busting up concrete. But for home owners and gardeners who just need to break up hard soil, remove bush stumps, or bust up compacted gravel - they are a danger to your back and your muscles. The solution is to use a lighter, longer pick or mattock.

We are the only US store where you can purchase a Tramontina pick axe or mattock combining a lighter 3 or 4 pound head with an easy-to-use 45" long handle. No more too-heavy too-short tools for you!

Which head weight and handle length is right for you?

  - If you are breaking up concrete, then use a common 5 lb /36" long pick.
  - If you are removing a big stump, then use a common 5 lb /36" long mattock.
  - Are you a landscaper employing strong rough people? Use the 5 lb /36" long tools.
  - Everybody else can use our special 3 or 4 lb / 45" long tools.

Picks & Mattocks with long 45" handles:

Overall: 4.87/5 53 ratings
Overall: 4.87/5 53 ratings
Pick Mattock

Pick Mattock
with 45 inch handle


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  In Stock, ready to ship.

  In Stock, ready to ship.

A pick mattock combines a 4" digging blade with a 7" pick end for breaking up hardened or rocky soils. Special long 45" ash handle. The 4 lb forged steel head is made of high quality steel.
Complete with 45 inch handle


Cutter Mattock

Cutter Mattock
with 45 inch handle


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  In Stock, ready to ship.

  In Stock, ready to ship.

A cutter mattock combines a 3" digging blade with a 2" wide axe to chop roots and break up tough soils. This 3 lb forged steel tool is made of high quality steel. The long 45" ash handle is made in the USA.
Complete with 45 inch handle


Pick Axe

Pick Axe
with 45 inch handle


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  In Stock, ready to ship.

  In Stock, ready to ship.

A pick axe combines a 6" pick end with a 1.5" chisel blade to break and remove rock, concrete, and asphalt. The long 45" ash handle is made in the USA. This 3 lb forged steel tool is made of high quality steel.
Complete with 45 inch handle.

Special Offer: Buy two or more long handled digging or hoeing tools and get a free Farmer's Own sharpening file - for a limited time only.

Components and Spare Parts

Pick Mattock Head     $20.00

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Head only: 18" long / 4 pounds

Mattock blade: 4" wide x 6" long
Pick point: 7" long


Cutter Mattock Head     $20.00

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Head only: 13.5" long / 3 pounds

Mattock blade: 3" wide / 5.5" long
Cutter blade: 2.25" tall / 4" long


Pick Axe Head     $20.00

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Head only: 16" long / 3 pounds

Chisel blade: 1.5" wide / 6" long
Pick point: 6" long


Extra 45" handle     $20.95
(for tool you are purchasing today)

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This handle will not fit other brands of tools.


There are two ways to use a mattock or pick : the hard way and the easy way...

The hard way is to swing a short handled mattock up and over your head, like an axe, then rapidly bend your back to plunge the tool into the ground. This works well where lots of force is needed - like for breaking concrete. But for most digging tasks it is overkill and may damage your back.

The easy way is to raise a long handled mattock up to chest height then swing it back into the ground - using the weight of the tool head and the leverage of the long handle to produce a forceful strike - while keeping your back in a more gentle posture. That's why we offer long 45" handles for our picks and mattocks.

Long mattock - chest height Long mattock - digging Using short handled pick

Seven Dwarves tools


Tools from Easy Digging featured on ABC TV show "Once Upon a Time"

Our pick mattocks were used by the Seven Dwarves in the "Dreamy" episode that aired on March 4th, 2012.

We were told by the Prop Manager for "Once Upon a Time" that he was impressed with our authentic wooden handled tools.

The pick shown in this picture is labelled with the name "Stealthy", an eighth dwarf who wasn't in the original fairy tale. When a dwarf was given their tool, their true name magically appeared on the handle.

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Hoe and Mattock Tool Selector Chart

  This chart shows which tools are recommended for common garden and digging tasks.

    Tool / Task Grub Hoe Grape Hoe Pick Mattock Cutter Mattock Pick Axe Fork Hoe Pointed Hoe Two Prong
till a garden YES NO NO NO NO YES YES YES
break sod YESNOFairFairNONOYESNO
create a garden YESNONONONONOYESFair
cut pasture weeds YESFairNOFairNONOYESNO
weed large areas NOYESNONONONONONO
shallow cultivating FairYESNONONOYESNOYES
clear garden paths NOYESNONONONONOFair
break hardened soil FairNOYESYESYESNOFairNO
dig in rocky dirt FairNOYESYESYESNOYESNO
lever stones & roots NONOYESFairYESNONONO
chop thick roots NONOFairYESNONONONO
break concrete NONONONOFairNONONO
prepare seed beds NONONONONOYESNOYES
deep cultivation YESNONONONOYESYESFair
move & turn mulch NOFairNONONOYESNOYES
create furrows FairFairNONONOYesYESYES