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Weeding and Cultivating the Garden

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Wheel Hoe Buying Guide
A comparison of wheel hoes and cultivators sold in the USA. Includes pricing and attachment options.

History of Planet Jr Cultivators
Learn why wheel cultivators were the king of garden tools from the 1890's to 1920's.

Plowing with a Winch
See how a common winch is used to power plows and cultivators in Russia. Lots of cool videos!

Rototiller versus Wheel Hoe
Compares a large Grillo rototiller to a Hoss wheel hoe for different small farm tasks.

Power of the Back Cut
Tips from a customer for getting the most from your Oscillating Hoe attachment.

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Other Gardening related articles...

Garden Seeders: The Buying Guide
Full details, and the pros and cons, of push seeders and jab planters sold in the USA.

How To Loosen And Improve Clay Soil
Techniques to naturally convert your hard clay soil into a nice loam.

How to Grow Sweet Corn
Everything you need to know: varieties, planting, weeding, pollinating, and more.

Why And How To Do Soil Aeration
Easily improve your garden soil by deeply aerating with a broadfork.

Are There Really Just 5 Types of Garden Hoes?
So many different hoes, but only 5 groups. Learn how each group can cut your garden labor.