Why not to use flexible
corrugated plastic
drainage pipe

Why you should not use the flexible
corrugated perforated plastic pipe
for your lawn or yard drainage system

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This page will provide information on:

Flexible corrugated pipe can not be cleaned when plugged
Rigid PVC can be cleaned
Rigid pipe is easier to install at the proper slope

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Why NOT to use the flexible corrugated perforated plastic drain pipe

I do not recommend using the flexible corrugated perforated plastic drain pipe for a
home yard, lawn, or garden drainage system because it can not be cleaned out if
roots, soil, leaves or an animal plugs it up.

The sewer snake with the whirling blade used by businesses like Roto-Rooter can
not be used with flexible perforated corrugated plastic drain pipe because the
material is too soft and the blade will tear right through the flexible drainage pipe and
destroy your system.

Corrugated perforated flexible plastic drainage pipe is best left for farm fields where
very long lengths need to be installed very cheaply – and where the system will never
be cleaned out.

Instead use 4” rigid PVC drainage pipe that has holes along the bottom edge. This is
commonly available at all building supply stores. The 4 inch rigid PVC drain pipe can
be cleaned out with a Roto-Rooter machine – as long as you install a cleanout
access point and
use the proper fittings. Rigid PVC drainage pipe can be easily cut
with a handsaw.

Rigid PVC drainage pipe has replaced the ceramic or clay drain tile used in the past.
It is much easier to install.

Another advantage of the rigid PVC drain pipe is that allows you to easy set your
pipes at the
proper slope, and it stays in place as you install your French drain pipes.
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