Reviews of the Hoss Garden Seeder and Push Planter

Strong tools for medium and large gardens. The seeder and the planter are VERY different, so see the links below for detailed information:

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I ordered a Wheel Hoe planter attachment from EasyDigging after reviewing several models by various manufacturers. Once I found a model rugged enough for what I had in mind, I searched where to buy it. EasyDigging had the product and accessories on hand at a good price plus free shipping. I'm happy!

Bob B. from MN     04/19/17

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Hoss Garden Seeder

My brother Tom recommended the Wheel Hoe planter because of its seed spacing ability. I like it because of its ability to plant in my rocky ground. its large steel wheels pass through rocky ground better than other planters I have tried.

John from OH     004/19/17

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Very happy with the performance of the planter that I purchased after modifying it to be pulled by my garden tractor.

Terry from WI     06/26/17

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Ordered Hoss Wheel Hoe and accessories from Easy Digging. Everything arrived neatly packaged within a week. Love the Wheel Hoe, especially the seeder. Would highly recommend ordering from Easy Digging.

Sara from KY     04/18/17

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When I received my Wheel Hoe Planter, I had a question about assembly. I first used the on line contact, and ask my question. I then decided to call the number listed. When the person answered, it was the same person I had contacted on-line. He was already checking on the answer to my question. I believe it was Greg, but not sure. As we spoke he told my assembly problem was caused by a nut coming loose in shipment, and to check the box for the nut, but that he would send me one. I told him, no, I could get one from my shop. He still said he would be glad to send me one. Bottom line, I was surprised at the way this company was attending to my need. PERSONAL! Not a recorded message. I assembled the planter, and am very pleased with the outstanding quality of material and workmanship. I'm am amazed! Heavy duty, but not to heavy to handle. That, I thought was it. Then I received a letter? In it, was an apology, for forgetting to send a pattern to show how to drill holes in the blank seed plate I bought. The pattern was enclosed! I can honestly say they made me feel like family. It's to cold to plant, however, having planted a garden for over 50 years, I know this Wheel Hoe Planter will do the job. Side note: I plan on converting this planter, to a planter, I can use mounted on my Kubota tractor's 3 point hitch. I would be willing to communicate with anyone wanting to speak to me about this planter, or it's use. With 50 years experience, I think I qualify. I rate this planter, 5 star, and would rate it higher, if that were possible. Thanks to a great USA company! God bless, and God bless the USA. Amen!

Don from IN     02/24/17

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Easy digging did a great job getting the products I ordered to me in a timely manner. I ordered the Hoss Wheel Hoe w/ Planter. Set up was straight forward for the hoe as well as the planter. Both are easy to use.
I am planning to start a small market farm next spring and these tools will be an integral part of my plan.

Walt from NY     07/19/16

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This is a great tool for your garden, if you have a garden it is a must. The planter is awesome, but it doesn't work well in soft tilled ground, so make sure you know which seeder you need. The hoe, cultivator and plow are awesome, already got my monies worth out of them.

Doug from KY     0/05/16

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My garden is up and blooming. I have modified the planter to hook up to my home made sears 65 suburban which has two electric motors and all equipment modified for quick hitch.

Prentiss from NC     06/29/16

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Hoss push planter, Single wheel model

Good to deal with. My garden planting came up very sporadic, pea rows are very intermittent, did very well on corn not so hot on beans. However, this could be a seed problem. I was impressed with functionality and am not ready to give up on this yet. I do not believe this is an out of the box expert tool, it is gonna take a little fidgeting. I consider this review a little premature.

Layne from KS     05/18/16

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The seeder is an excellent, well designed, well made tool. Though this is only the first season of use, it is obvious this tool will last many years.

William from CN     05/13/15

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Overall the tool works ok. The only major issues that I have found that could be easily corrected would be #1 to beef up the handles. The handles seem to be a little on the "light side" for this type of tool. They need to be a little more substantial and braced better. Too much "give" in them. #2 is the angle that the seeder attachment sits relative to the ground you are planting in. It may help if the little spikes on the seeder wheel were longer. I am having an issue with getting a nice steady flow. The seeder wheel seems to like to hang up if the ground you are planting in is not perfectly tilled. Any little obstruction in the way of an old root ball from a clump of grass or weed that did not get completely pulverized will cause it to plug. It has been so cool since I planted my first area that the seeds are just now starting germinate so do not know what kind of a stand I am going to have. Had trouble finding the "just right" size plate for SH2 sweet corn seed and did not have time to drill out new holes. Putting tape over extra holes in other plates does not work. The brushes kept peeling it off and then plugging the holes so no seed would drop. I think once I have time to really fine tune it the unit will be fine. Going to add another support brace to the handles for starters as you just do not get that "heavy duty feel" the way it is. Will try running the tiller over the ground again to see if that helps. Some of the areas I had an issue with were new garden plots that used to be grass. I am assuming that one would not have as much of an issue in an established plot.

Michael from IA     05/18/16

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I have a big garden and a Troy built tiller, and five or so high wheel cultivators with different attachments that we use in the garden after buying the wheel hoe the other five got hung up in the shed with the other antiques the cultivator tines actually work pretty good, however for me, three tines seem better than four but the best is the two way hoe attachment particularly impressive is the fact that the 2 wheel hoe comes with the bolt to convert to one wheel but to sum it all up the day I got it I worked 16 or so hours and still put it together easily without losing my religion overall this is a very quality product that I'm very satisfied with

Matt from IL     05/17/16

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Planter would lock up. The rear wheel would lock, you would have to pull it backwards to get it to unlock. Had to replant garden.. The seeds would hang up in the hopper and lock it up. About 20 per cent of seed came up. Did a poor job on the corn and beans. No okra came up at all. Planted peas ok. I will see how it works after the replant I did today. This was the first time I used the seeder, and my experience may improve with time. The seeder should work well and this may be something I did not do right.

Maurice from United States     05/17/16

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We are very satisfied with the products & service we received from Easy Digging. Both the Wheel Hoe planter and Wheel Hoe Garden plow are doing the job we need them to do.

WPL Farm from TX     04/19/16

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Love the Wheel Hoe so far and corn planter works great. The only concern I have is the handles seem a little light.

Mike from United States     04/19/16

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Easy to order and fast shipping. The Wheel Hoe single wheel hoe works wonders vs a regular hoe. Seeder works good with the seeds I have used so far (beats hand seeding small seed for sure). We are transitioning to a minimal till system and the Hoss Wheel Hoe fits the bill for quick weeding without disrupting the soil to much.

Jack P. from United States     03/17/16

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Man pushing a Hoss Seeder

The Wheel Hoe seeder attachment is great. I almost spent as much time attaching the seeder to the wheel hoe as I did using it to plant a bunch of corn; neither of which took very long. Saved a lot of back pain! Not many double seeds and not many missed spots either. I highly recommend this seeder!

Joe from TN     07/14/15

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I must say the unit I purchased is well made and is a pleasure to use. I planted a 1/4 acre of southern peas in no time. Seem to have a good stand. The standard plates will not plant large beans so I will have to custom fit a plate. Have found no problems with this planter, and the cultivator does the job.

Joe from TN     06/16/15

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Overall the wheel hoe seems to be a great piece of equipment. I have had some problems getting the seeder attachment to evenly put seed out, and the seed will sometimes jam. The seeder says that it plants up to a 1.5“ but the seeds seem to be shallower than that. The row marker was a waist of my money because I plant my corn 30-32 inches apart and the row marker does not go big enough. It does make short work of planting however, and I am looking forward to see the plant come up to see how good it did.

Carl T from OH     05/13/15

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I have 3 garden sights. Each is in excess of 4,000 square feet. The seed planter I bought is excellent at planting peas and beans. The plate for planting sweet corn needs a minor adjustment. I think the set of seed plates that come with our purchase should include a plate with no holes so that we can drill a plate to meet our needs (such as sunflower seeds). Overall, I am very happy with my purchase and because of the quality of the product I believe it will last a lifetime. I give the product a 5 star rating.

Mark from MS     05/13/15

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the best planter on the market. this planter will be the last one you`ll buy. Only one thing needs change is row marker needs to be longer. I added 12 inch , so I can run my tiller down the rows.

Mike C from United States     04/21/15

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I've purchased several garden hand tools and a Hoss Wheel Hoe, planter, and accessories. I've been very happy with the products and Easy Digging provides an excellent customer experience. I'd recommend Easy Digging to anyone who enjoys gardening and appreciates quality tools.

Dave from SE MO     04/21/15

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My purchases consisted of the wheel hoe, planter and a clothesline. The weather has not been good enough to actually use anything but the service I received was excellent. I emailed with a question and received a quick direct answer which impressed me. I will be a repeat customer.

Nelson from MO     02/20/15

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I am very pleased with the Hoss Wheel Hoe and Planter that I purchased from easy digging. I have used it to plant collard greens and carrots so far. I love it! It does a great job and it is very easy to use. The order and shipping was fast and easy. From all of the positive things said, by past buyers, I knew this was the company that I was going to use. I was not disappointed! This is high quality tools, so the price is higher. You get what you pay for! One more thing, It took me a fraction of the time to plant with this tool.

Joey from AL     10/14/14

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Hoss push planter, Double wheel model

The device came on time and packed well. It's sturdy! It does a good job in uniform, pre-dug, flat soil. Not so great on less even or clumpy soil surfaces. Small seeds are problematic - too tight and the seed discs wont spin - to loose and the small seeds collect under the disc rather than being planted. I ended up planting the carrots, radishes and lettuce by hand.

Large Home Garden from NY     07/4/14

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What a great product! The Wheel Hoe lil Double Wheel Hoe does every thing that your advertisements claim. I have used it this summer and have the most weed free garden that I can remember. I have mainly used the weeding sweeps. It takes me about 1 1/2 hours to comfortably go through my 60'x 60' garden space. I was also impressed with your websites' article on "Shallow Cultivation". Got a bit of education as well. I haven't even pulled my big motorized rear tine tiller out of the shed.

Clayton from NC     06/25/14

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I am a missionary in the Dominican Republic. My main farm worker is Hatien. We would normally plant corn by bending over with a machete and then dropping the seed. My guy already planted about 1 1/2 acres of corn. After a few rows he had it down to a science. He loves it and I like how the corn will be uniform by this method. Also the amount of time I was afforded over the phone with my zillion questions being answered after the purchase was way beyond the norm. I will give you feed back as we put to use the various attachments to let you know our results. Awesome planter, way more substantial than I anticipated, as I thought it might be Tonka Toyish before receiving it. I don't ever remember getting this level of help from a vendor especially after a purchase. Totally satisfied in every respect at this point in time.

Anonymous from Barahona     06/24/14

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Seeder worked very well everything planted came up and spacing worked out good no thinning yet. Seeder is made well and easy to use no much of a learning curve just start planting. Shipping was very quick two days and at my door in Northern Michigan.

Don from United States     06/24/14

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I purchased the garden hoe and Wheel Hoe seeder to assist in my planting of a near one acre garden. I spoke with Greg, placed the order and within a few days, I had my new planter and in no time had it assembled. The planter was easy to use and had excellent performance. I have since ordered some additional plates to modify and customize them for various seed applications. The Wheel Hoe seeder is made to last, easier to use and is far superior to my garden way planter in singulating seeds when planting row crop vegetables. Outstanding tool and service! Thanks Greg for your tips.

Don from FL     05/23/14

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The Hoss Wheel Hoe and Planter are just what I needed for my one acre garden. They perform as described and the quality is exceptional. I'm sure they will last for generations. Ordering on-line was easy. I ordered on Saturday and had my order on Tuesday! Thanks for a great product and excellent service at a good price.

Rick from KS     04/23/14

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The wheel hoe is very sturdy, easy to put together, and rolls easily. I got the dual front wheel model for added stability, I have no problems handling it. The seeder attaches easily also, and works like a champ. I planted corn for the first time since the '70's. Had no problems using the seeder. It is built well enough that I'll never have to buy another one, that's for sure.

Teddy from OK     04/16/14

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Love the Hoss Wheel Hoe I got from you last year. Can't wait to try the seeder!!! Got the seeder and it is great! It will make short work of planting my one acre garden.

Rick from United States     03/29/14

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Confusing website. Hard to follow the different combinations of the planter.

Charlie from United States     03/28/14

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I got the seeder and wheel hoe combo it's a nice built seeder I can't wait to use it this year I would recommend the site to anybody that wants a wheel hoe and seeder or attachments.

Brian H. from IN     03/25/14

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The rear roller is too small, it sinks down in freshly tilled earth, the normal point in the process when the planter is used. when I called about this problem It was explained to me that the roller is made from a readily available plastic pipe. larger sizes of pipe can be had be purchased anywhere. Although the planter has many good features, I would not buy it again because of the small rear roller after looking at the design of the planter, I am convinced it would not be that difficult to incorporate a larger roller in the planter.

George from NC     03/22/14

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Great product. Exceptional quality, easy to use and best of all no gas and oil. I have the wheel hoe and the seeder and am extremely pleased with them. I see the now have disc available and I plan to order these this spring. In this day of disposable products it.

Jim S from PA     03/21/14

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The Hoss Wheel Hoe has worked well... even in my stoney soil. One to two passes with the sweeps between rows and the weeding was finished. Plows made potato planting and hilling a breeze. A single cultivator made prefect planting rows for beans and peas.

Doug from PA     03/13/14

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I have been and continue to be extremely pleased with my Double Wheel Hoe and seeder attachment. Both are very well built. I had considered an Earthway or Jang clean seeder but had read reviews that the earthway can have seed metering issues with some irregular or small seeds. The Jang with 6 rollers (seed plates) cost over $500 and does not plant large seeds. To plant corn you also need the large seeder for another $750.
The Wheel Hoe cultivates my 1/3 acre garden and also seeds it for hundreds less then a Jang, and with more versatility then an Earthway.

J.W. from ME     03/11/14

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Doesn't seem to work well in soft dirt.

Tony from AR     03/04/14

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The seed planter tends to hang up because the drive wheel is not sufficient on sand.

Jim from FL     03/04/14

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It is that time of year and we used the hand push planter/seeder tool for the first time today and it worked great. Thank you.

Ankie from AL     03/11/14

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I purchased the Wheel Hoe Planter. It is great. I had no trouble assembling it and it appears to be very well made. I “test drove” it and it is easy to use. I have two words of advice though. Buy the extra plates and treat the handles with a wood treatment. I use a clear wood preservative and it significantly extends the life of the wood.

Mike M from NE     02/19/14

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Haven't got to use my seeder yet but the wheel ho is awesome. Cuts through grass roots easy gives a nice tricep workout too kinda like doing a push-up standing up and with no strain to your lower back.cant wait to use it again and to try out the seeder this spring. Thank you for a great well crafted American made product!

Matthew from TN     01/28/14

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Oh man!! Can't believe the quality of the seed planter and wheel hoe I just bought. It's metal!! Real metal!! Not made in China "tin metal". Product was as advertised. Shipped super fast. Product packaging was excellent. Dealing with Greg was super excellent. I had considered purchasing something additional and when we discussed my thoughts for doing this, Greg stated that it wouldn't really benefit me for what I was thinking. Now he could have went ahead and just added it to my bill to make a profit, but he didn't! Now that's what America needs...honesty!!! Future customers, if you want pure quality, you want Wheel Hoe tools. If you want service with quality, you want to do business with Easy Digging. Thank you Easy Digging for standing for what American business's should stand for.

David from SC     01/27/14

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