Ploskorez Swage Hoe

Stainless steel garden weeding hoe
Small Swage version of the Ploskorez hoe
woman using a ploskorez hoe for fine weeding
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Ploskorez Swage Hoe

...for weeding the small spaces between plants

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This stainless steel weeding hoe is compact enough to weed between the plants in your rows, and sharp enough to slice the big weeds. The sharpened blade is 5 inches long and 1.5 inch wide. The blade can be tilted for different tasks. The complete hoe weighs just 3 pounds. Complete with a 5 foot long flat Ash handle.

Best way to use the Ploskorez Hoe

When a garden is planted in rows, there are two types of weeding chores: Between-the-Rows and Between-the-Plants. These two chores are also called "inter-row" and "inter-plant" weeding by the farm equipment companies make very different machines for these very different tasks.

In a small garden (or in garden beds) this tool will work fine for both tasks. The long handle can easily be cut shorter to make a one-handed version for use in raised beds or in flower gardens.

But in a large garden, this stainless steel hoe is best used only for weeding between the plants. Weeding between the rows can be accomplished faster with our wide grape hoe or with a wheel hoe.


This Russian hoe is an old favorite in Europe!

● Pointed tip for weeding between plants
● Wide sharp edge for larger spaces
● Long flat handle is easy to control
● Adjustable blade angle
● Over 800,000 sold worldwide

This type of weeding hoe is usually called a detail weeder. It can be used for the same weeding tasks as the Cobra Head weeder, and as Eliot Coleman's wire weeder. The general design of the Ploskorez Swage is very similar to the US made "Hooke and Crooke" hoe.

Detail weeders like this are ONLY for precision weeding. They are NOT for hacking at sod, chopping big weeds, or tilling the soil.


Customer Reviews of the Ploskorez Swage Hoe

"Hoes are strong, sturdy and will last years. Simple to assemble. Very satisfied. Small farm, little mechanization and these hoes provide a good defense against those pesky "weeds"! Thank you."

Peggy, from VT  

"...I purchased the Fork Hoe, Grubbing Hoe, and Grape Hoe a few years ago, and recently purchased the Ploskorez hoe. All of these tools have been high quality steel and the handles have exceeded my expectations. Each of these tools have a distinct function so you will need to research on where to start for your own situation. I'm anxious to give this Russian hoe a good workout this year on intricate weeding, as I am tending to plant more densely, both row width and spacing between plants."

Ray, in US  

"the stainless ploskorez i purchased is nice but smaller than i expected. i still like it but if you will ever get something similar to the Fokin's version please let me know. otherwise, the overall experience is very pleasant - fast delivery and prompt and effective response to my emails. i would definitely recommend this site. "

Yelena, from IL  

"The hoe is great and built to last. The long handle saved my back! "

Terry, in TX  

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Watch these videos to see what you can do with swage hoes...

Video from England.   The Swage hoe came to England a few years ago. It's also been popular in Germany, France, and Ireland. This short British video shows it being used to weed an overgrown area, then loosen and smooth the soil in preparation for seeding...


Video from Russia. These Russian hoes were created many years ago. This video shows the older black steel version, but it is used the same way as the modern stainless steel one. Lots of different tasks are shown, plus views of rural Russian homesteads at the very end.

Additional 60" Ploskorez handle

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Head for Ploskorez Hoe

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Sharpening File

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Farmer's Own sharpening file Keep your tools sharp!   With built-in handle. Designed to sharpen farm tools. Double-cut side for fast material removal, and single-cut side for finer sharpening. 8" file area + handle = 12" long.


Why is it called a Ploskorez Swage Hoe ?
We don't know the Russian translation of the words. When these weedng hoes became popular in England that is the name they used, so we just stuck with it. It is definitely a handy small weeding hoe that can safely clean out those tight spots.

Tip used for fine weeding in tight spaces Sharp flat edge used for open areas

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