Meadow Creature Broadfork

Unbreakable broadfork made by Meadow Creature
Woman pulling handles of garden broadfork
Broad fork aerating a long garden bed

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David the Good with a Meadow Creature model
Meadow Creature fork being used
Inventor of the Meadow Creature
Close up view of unbreakable construction
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These tools are fabricated in the USA from high-strength alloy steel and ship as a single solid welded unit with no mechanical connections to come loose.

Why are they called Standard and Tall? ... It's not because one is meant for tall people. When the two units are standing side by side, one is taller (longer) than the other. This is because the tine length on the Tall unit is 2" longer, and the handles are 4" longer to provide the extra leverage needed for the longer tines. The gap between tines on both units is about 6.5 inches.

Meadow Creature Broadfork

The only "Unbreakable" one!

Easily Aerate Tough Soil  &  Built To Last A Lifetime

  4.6 / 5.0   102 Ratings

Standard model = $249
12" tines, 46" handles, 19" wide, 15 lbs

Tall model = $269    
14" tines, 50" handles, 20" wide, 22 lbs    

In stock, ready to ship


Free Shipping in continental US. Lifetime Guarantee

"The Meadow Creature Broadfork is the BEST garden tool I have ever bought"   from Sue H.

What if you never had to buy another broad fork again?

The light, cheap ones are doomed to bend and break whenever they encounter roots, rocks and tough soil. Serious gardeners and their garden beds deserve better.

This unbreakable tool has been engineered to tear through the toughest sods & soils, then turn and sift them with minimum effort. It’s perfect for deep-aerating of garden beds. It's built to last a lifetime. Grab one today and discover the difference.

What Is A Broadfork Used For?

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Why You Will Love Your New Broad Fork

  • This simple yet powerful workhorse is ideal for turning & aerating soil without the heaving lifting.
  • Made of unbreakable steel alloy with no mechanical connections to ever come loose.
  • Available with longer tines for soils that can handle deeper aeration.
  • Lifetime Guarantee - Be confident you'll never have to buy a broadfork ever again.
  • Made in the USA.

For tips and ideas on how to use a garden broadfork safely and efficiently and quickly, be sure to read the "How to Use" section below, and see the Videos (below the Reviews section).


Customer Reviews of our Broad Fork

"I bought a grape hoe, a grub hoe & an indestructible broadfork tiller. All 3 work as expected, but ESPECIALLY the big fork! That thing is fabulous! Slow & steady and before you know it you've turned a lot of earth. I'd buy another in a heartbeat, but I won't need to - it probably IS indestructible! I fully expect my great grandkids will still be using all 3. Built to last! I love it!

Doug, in OH  

"Love love love the big fork and hoes - was able to till and weed in an hour what would have taken a week before! The meadow creature tool is a beast but perfect for what it was designed to do."

Lathira, from ID  

"I learned about the Broadfork garden tool from an old 80's video that was posted online and I wanted one. I shopped for about a year and a half locally then online. Your site caught me with the tool should be, "unbreakable or repairable." I purchased one of your Meadow Creature forks and put it to work. It made easy work of a location that I had never gardened in before. It is an excellent alternative and/or addition to tilling small areas. I love this tool and would recommend it to anyone in the market for one. I truly will get decades of use out of it."

Dave, in FL  

"This tool is the real deal. A simple yet powerful workhorse. Once you get your hands on it you will then understand the lifetime guarantee. "

Rob, from NC  

"Other than the fact that I wish they weren't so expensive, the meadow creature broadfork is the BEST garden tool I have ever bought! It is much easier to use in my raised beds, because it does not throw soil everywhere, like my tiller. So, I am now selling my tiller (which will actually help offset the purchase price of the broad fork). Also, I just used it on packed clay for a friend and it was amazing! It might also be helpful to note that I am 68 years old and find it quite easy to use."

Sue H, from US  

"I purchased the best broad fork for turning ground. The ordering was easy, the shipping was quick, and the product is awesome and virtually indestructible. My goal was to be able to "till" fresh ground without a gas engine. This tool was exactly what the gardener ordered. I am tired of the flimsy tools offered by Home Depot and Lowes. I want something that I can pass down to the next gardener. Thank you EasyDigging!!

Green Thumb, from OK  

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Meadow Creature Broadfork Videos

Watch to see why this tools is so popular with serious gardeners

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She describes good technique:   Nice demonstration of using this tool. The woman's technique is much better. She is letting the tool do the work, and avoiding lifting.


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Check out this "Press and Pry" method:   It keeps you from having to climb up onto, and balance on the tool. Also cool sod-flipping method at the end.

How to use a Broadfork

The original and primary purpose of this tool is to loosen and aerate the soil deeper than tillers could reach. Only with the creation of the unbreakable model for sale here did its usage expanded to breaking and turning sod and compacted soils.

Note 1: if you are looking for one that can be used for harvesting root crops, like potatoes, see our Adjustable Broadfork here.

Note 2: see articles on  Why to Aerate Soil with a Broadfork   and  Are Wood or Steel Broadfork Handles Better?

Instructions for Aerating the Soil:

When using a broad fork, or U-bar digger, to aerate your garden soil it is only necessary to loosen it enough to temporarily create air passages down into the soil. You do not need to turn the soil over, or to sweep the tines completely up through the soil.

Follow these steps to aerate your soil...

  1. Push the tines into the soil. Even part way is OK.
  2. Tilt the handles partly back towards you, about 45 degrees.
  3. Halt. Keep the handles in this position.
  4. Slide the tines out by stepping backwards and dragging them out.
  5. Back the broadfork up about 8" and repeat Step 1

Note that with this method you do not have to lift the heavy tool, just drag it out of the soil, and then along the soil surface. This makes aerating fast, efficient, and safer on your back muscles. For a great example, see this very short video from JM Fortier of "The Market Gardener" fame.

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Fast and easy... He shows good technique using the tool to deeply aerate soil immediately after roto-tilling.

Instructions for Turning Sod:*

*only with the Unbreakable broadfork - this will bend other brands

The Meadow Creature broad fork tool can turn sod into growing space by "plowing". This involves ripping loose a chunk of sod and turning it upside down to kill the grass.

  1. Sink the tines deep into the soil.
  2. Step slightly back and begin pulling the handles towards you.
  3. Step farther back and pull the handles all the way to the ground.
  4. Hold the handle down with your foot. Lift and flip the section of sod with your hands.
  5. Drag the tool out from under the flipped sod.
  6. Repeat Step 1 with the tines about 10" farther back.

Turning sod with broadfork - Step 1 Turning sod - Step 2 Turning sod with a U bar digger - Step 3 Plowing sod with a U bar digger - Step 4

These pictures are from a best broadfork comparison done by Jesse of Rough Draft Farm who operates a CSA in Versailles and Danville KY

If you are a market gardener, CSA grower, or keep a large garden, be sure to also see the Wheel Hoe Buying Guide to help you select equipment that will reduce your weeding and cultivation hours. And do read through the Garden Seeder Buying Guide to learn your options for quickly planting with either a walk-behind seeder, or a simple jab planter.


What is the Lifetime Guarantee?

These broadforks for sale here are meant to last a lifetime, if not abused. They are fully capable of working hard soil and sod. But they are not intended for prying up boulders or stumps.

There is a lifetime manufacturer's warranty to the original purchaser. If this tool is damaged in normal use, we will either replace it or refund your purchase price, based on our discussion of the breakage.


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