A broadfork should be a once-in-a-lifetime purchase

Both styles of broadfork Unbreakable broadfork tines Repairable broadfork tines Easy Digging Tools

That means it needs to be UNBREAKABLE or REPAIRABLE

Only at Easy Digging do we give you both options PLUS a Lifetime Guarantee.


How to choose your Broadfork

A broadfork is also called a U-bar digger. It is normally used for deeply cultivating and aerating garden soil. Click here to learn How to Use a Broadfork

Choose the UNBREAKABLE model if:

  • you want to turn sod or compacted soil
  • untrained people might use the tool
  • your soil has a lot of roots or rocks
  • you are sometimes rough on your tools

Choose the REPAIRABLE model if:

  • you will not be turning sod
  • only trained people will use the tool
  • your garden has a variety of bed widths
  • your garden soil is in decent condition

Choose the STANDARD version if:

  • you are under 6' tall

Choose the TALL version if:

  • you are over 6' tall

Overall: 4.87/5 67 ratings
Standard MeadowCreature broadfork

Unbreakable Broadfork

  - Standard size


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Four alloy steel tines give 12" of soil penetration. 20" width. 46" handles. Made in America.
Overall tool height is 58" Weight is 16 pounds.

Tall Meadow Creature broadfork

Unbreakable Broadfork

  - Tall size


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Four alloy steel tines give 14" of soil penetration. 21" width. 50" handles. Made in America
Overall tool height is 64" Weight is 22 pounds.


Standard Cartwright broadfork

Repairable / Adjustable Broadfork

  - Standard size


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Use with 3, 4, 5, or 7 tines for 6" to 18" widths. The hardened 1/2" steel tines provide 11" of soil penetration. Made in the USA
Overall tool height is 47" Weight is 18 pounds.

Tall Cartwright broadfork

Repairable / Adjustable Broadfork

  - Tall size


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Use with 3, 4, 5, or 7 tines for 6" to 18" widths. The hardened 1/2" steel tines provide 11" of soil penetration. Made in the USA
Overall tool height is 53" Weight is 20 pounds.

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Details on each Broadfork for sale

There are more photos, videos, and information on both styles are below.

Unbreakable Broadfork

Woman using Meadow Creature broadfork Meadow Creature U bar logo Using a U bar digger

The Meadow Creature broadfork was designed to solve the problem of broadforks becoming bent and broken from catching on roots and rocks, or when used in harder soils or sod.

Ideal for deep-aerating of garden beds, these U-bar diggers easily turn and sift the soil deeply. If you're looking for a tool to break the hardest sod and pasture, and turn hardpan into a garden bed, you've found it - buy it with confidence that you won't break it.

Why are they called Standard and Tall? ... It's not because one is meant for tall people. When the two units are standing side by side, one is taller (longer) than the other. This is because the tine length on the Tall unit is 2" longer, and the handles are 4" longer to provide the extra leverage needed for the longer tines. The gap between tines on both units is about 6.5 inches.

These tools are fabricated in the USA from high-strength alloy steel and ship as a single solid welded piece with no mechanical connections to come loose.


Watch the videos below to see how these broadforks perform...



Repairable / Adjustable Broadfork

adjustable broadfork with 4 tines

4 tines for difficult soils

adjustable U bar digger with 5 tines

5 tines for normal soils

adjustable broadfork with 7 tines

7 tines for preparing
fine seed beds, or for
harvesting root crops.

The REPAIRABLE broad fork was designed by Richard Cartwright. This style of U-bar digger is especially beneficial to older gardeners, and to professional growers with a wide variety of bed types. It provides certain advantages over conventional style broadforks:

  • adjustable tine spacing
  • ergonomic horizontal handle
  • an offset rear bar that functions as both:
    • a step for pushing the tines into the soil
    • better leverage when prying the tines up

Let's look at each feature of the Cartwright design:

    Adjustable Tines:  You can fine tune the tool to match your soil type, your bed widths, and even for harvesting root crops. If your physical strength or weight is limited, using less tines will make it easier to insert the tool into the soil. See the captions under the pictures for more ideas.

    Horizontal Handle:  The horizontal steel bar directly under the handle creates a very strong and rigid tool. When embedding the tines into the soil you will primarily push with just one foot - but you can also your arms to push downward on the handle and to rock the tool back-and-forth for easier penetration.

    Offset Rear Bar:  Rather than jumping and standing on this model, you can just step down forcefully on the rear bar while keeping the other foot on the ground for balance. It is OK to stand on the outer portions of the crossbar if you wish. The rear bar also means that you do not have to lean over as far when prying the tines up through the soil (for harvesting root crops) because the rear bar provides a fulcrum effect, like on a teeter-totter.

How to use a Broadfork

This is a very simple garden tool to operate. We will use the pictures below to take you through the steps of various operations...

Aerating the soil: (with either model)

When using a U-bar digger to aerate your garden soil it is only necessary to loosen it enough to temporarily create air passages down into the soil. You do not need to turn the soil over or sweep the tines completely up through the soil.

Follow these steps to aerate you soil with any broadfork...

  1. Push the tines deep into the soil
  2. Tilt the handles back towards you 12 to 24 inches
  3. Slip the tines up and out of the soil by sliding it back
  4. Back up about 10" and repeat Step 1
Push broadfork down into the soil Pull back handle to loosen soil Drag broadfork back and repeat

Plowing sod: (only with the UNBREAKABLE model)

The Unbreakable broad-fork can turn sod into growing space by "plowing". This involves ripping loose a chunk of sod and turning it upside down to kill the grass.

  1. Sink the tines into the soil by standing on the crossbar and rocking back and forth.
  2. Step slightly back and begin pulling the handles towards you.
  3. Step farther back - pull and then push the handles all the way to the ground.
  4. While holding the handles down with your foot, lift and flip the section of sod with your hands.
  5. Drag the tool out from under the flipped sod. Repeat Step 1 with the tines about 10" farther back.
Turning sod with broadfork - Step 1 Plowing sod with a broadfork - Step 2 Turning sod with a U bar digger - Step 3 Plowing sod with a U bar digger - Step 4

These pictures are from a broadfork comparison done by Jesse and Hannah of Rough Draft Farm who operate a CSA in Versailles and Danville KY


What is the Lifetime Guarantee?
These broadforks are meant to last a lifetime, if not abused. They are fully capable of working hard soil. They are not intended for prying up boulders. Both include a lifetime manufacturer's warranty to the original purchaser. If your U-bar digger is damaged in normal use, we will either: replace it (the UNBREAKABLE model), or send you replacement parts (the REPAIRABLE model).

Can other items be shipped in the carton?
No. These heavy tools are shipped in specially built cartons. We are not able to ship any other tools inside these cartons. Other tools you buy will be shipped seperately and will have a shipping charge.

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