Assembly Instructions for our Seeders and Planters

This is the Index of links to our printable wheel hoe instruction sheets. If you are shopping for tools, go to the Wheel Hoes page, or choose from the navigation bar above.

Wheel Hoe Assembly
How to assemble and adjust the Hoss Wheel Hoe.

Double Wheel Conversion
How to change your wheel hoe from a single wheel to a double wheel model.

Hoss Disc Harrow
How to use and adjust the Hoss disc harrow attachment.

Hoss Oscillating Hoe
How to use and adjust the Hoss oscillating hoes attachment.

Hoss Plows
How to use the Hoss plow set. Configure one way to cut a furrow, and another to hill soil.

Hoss Weeding Sweeps
How to use the Hoss sweeps. Configure one way to weed a pathway, and another to straddle weed.

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