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Hoss push plow
left and right Hoss plows
Hoss plows in hilling configuration

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Plow Set

A pair of left + right Plows

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This set of plow blades (a Left and a Right-hand set) are attached either alone or paired. To do hilling (pushing soil from the path onto a row of garden plants) just a one plow is attached. For creating a deep furrow, both plows are attached in a V shape (like a snowplow). If you install the set Inverted ( with the right plow on far left side, and vice-versa) they can both push soil to the central area to form a planting ridge or close up a furrow.

Use your Hoss Plows to...

● open large furrows for potatoes or transplants
● push soil back to close a furrow
● loosen garden soil prior to planting
● hill along a row of tall plants, like corn

Garden Plow Details

Position the edges together to create a great furrowing plow. It creates a large deep furrow for potatoes or transplants. The furrow is too deep for most seeds.

Or use individually as hilling plows to move soil into your planting rows. Hilling is a weeding technique that buries and smothers weed seedlings by moving path soil onto the crop row of taller plants like corn.

These plows are manufactured from a single piece of thick high-strength steel, can be used on these machines:

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Customer Reviews of the Hoss Plows

"I recieved my Wheel Hoe lil Double Wheel Hoe within the shipping time specified. It came well packaged, with everything I ordered. I assembled it in one evening while watching television. The wheel hoe itself is a thing of beauty; the metal parts and implements are sturdy looking and well finished. I'll be preparing garden around May 2nd and I can hardly wait to use the furrowing and hilling plows to lay off my rows. Thanks for making an American product that we can be proud of."

Clayton, in US  

"My husband was like a kid in a candy store when his push plow and accessories arrived. He's out playing in the dirt almost everyday now! The garden looks pretty good too!"

Tina P, from TX  

"Great product, works as advertised. The only thing I would change is to make the wheel a little larger. I have used the tines, plow and hoe and all are easy to change and work as they should."

Ken T, from TN  

"The plough combo HM5 and HN5 for my Hoss Wheel Hoe was a good price and was received quickly and was packed perfectly."

Rich, in PA  

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Can I put these plows on a different wheel cultivator?
Maybe... They do also fit on the Glaser wheel hoe, and on the old Planet Jr model that looks just like our Hoss wheel cultivator. Remember that Planet Jr was around for many decades and made a whole range of models, so be sure yours looks just like the Hoss. They do NOT fit on any high-wheel cultivators (those with a wheel diameter over 15").


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