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Disc Harrow

For fast cultivating and seed bed prep. Also for light weeding.

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Disc Harrow ONLY. Wheel hoes sold separately.

Disc Harrows are used for cultivating and weeding. With this attachment you can cultivate the soil before planting, and weed between the rows. The concave disks stir the top inch of soil for cultivation, and uproot weeds at the same time.

This disc cultivator has two sets of 3 dished disks that churn your garden soil to cultivate, kill small weeds, and prevent new weeds from growing. The design uses a pair of pins for easy changing of the angle of the disks. Changing the angle gives you options for the degree of cultivation and soil displacement.

Disc Harrow details

  • Plated steel discs are 5 3/8" diameter
  • Width of entire unit is about 14"
  • Discs are keyed so all rotate together.
  • Angle of discs is easy to change.
  • All metal parts with bronze bushings.

Disc Harrow Instructions

Using the disc harrow in the garden

Angle the disc cultivator blades straight (parallel) for breaking up stems and soil clods, with mimimal soil stirring. Or position them at a medium angle for general cultivating and weeding. When set at a deep angle, the discs will moving soil either outward, or in towards the middle.

When used on a double wheel unit, it can be used to straddle weed or cultivate. Or while in the straddle position the discs can be positioned inward with a 3" gap between sets to move soil to the center area, or outward with a 5" gap to move soil away from the center.

This disc harrow can be used on the standard Hoss wheel hoe (but NOT on the High-arch model)

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Customer Reviews of the Disc Harrow

"So far, what little I've been able to use it (it has rained every week down south here), it is a fantastic plow. I especially love the discs. I'm looking forward to planting in the spring. I've already begun to enlarge my garden to plant more corn since the planter ought to make that so much easier and the discs ought to make weeding a cinch."

Luke, in LA   4.5 star rating

"Received my order promptly and in good order. I had a bit of trouble figuring out how to attach an implement. Customer service sent me a photo right away to solve my confusion. It was great talking to a real person without a foreign accent and without having to wait in a phone queue."

Linda, in US   5 star rating

"We received our new Wheel Hoe Plow very quickly. I have been studying these for a while and waited until I was sure it was beneficial. It was much easier to use than i expected. Also, I discovered that I could go through a row much quicker than with my tiller. The attachments changed out easy enough. I ordered the disc plow even though I didn't think it would do a lot in my soil. Boy! I was surprised to see it cut through the dirt!"

Shepherds Hill Homestead, in AL   4.5 star rating

"I've used the Wheel Hoe Double Wheel Hoe with the cultivators, plows, and disc-harrow, so far. When my plants pop up along with the weeds I'll use the oscillating weeder. All have worked very well and with relatively minimal effort. Plowing required a little more effort, but went well and very quickly. I also have the automatic seeder which I'll put to use in the next day or so. So far, I'm quite satisfied with the tools."

Mark D, from PA   4.5 star rating

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One Year Warranty

  • The one year warranty covers any defects in materials or workmanship, with the exceptions stated below.
  • The warranty lasts one year from date of purchase.
  • The warranty does not cover discoloration caused by exposure to sunlight or chemicals.
  • Hoss will repair or replace any item that proves to be defective in materials or workmanship.
  • In the event repair is not possible, Hoss will either replace your item with a new item of similar composition and price, or refund the full purchase price of the item — whichever you prefer.

Contact us at 573-823-3539 and we will take any action necessary to correct problems covered by this warranty.


Can I chew up sod or grass with this?
No, it is not heavy enough or large enough for breaking up or turning sod. It is made for working bare garden soil. But if you have a little grass popping up in your garden rows, it will handle that. It is the fastest and easiest attachment to push - just keep it set at a medium angle and speed walk through your garden rows every few days to minimize your weeding chores.


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