Hoss Wheel Hoe - Deluxe

Push plow being used in the garden
Hoss double wheel cultivator in use
Woman pushing a garden cultivator
Watch a special Hoss sweeps video...
weedings sweeps included with Deluxe package
Adjustable cultivator teeth on Hoss wheel hoe
Hoss sweeps weeding a garden row
Close up of Hoss wheel hoe
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Hoss Wheel Hoe

Deluxe model (items included are listed below)

Loosen and stir the soil with the Cultivator Teeth. Control weeds all season with the Sweeps. With the double wheel model, you can also straddle weed with our Sweeps.

Made in the USA

  4.6 / 5.0   96 Ratings

Single Wheel model (easier + more precise steering)
$229.00    Add to Cart     In stock, ready to ship. 
Saves $9.00 over buying separately.
INCLUDES: Single Wheel Hoe, Weeding Sweeps, and 3 cultivator teeth.


Double Wheel model (more weeding options / more stability)
 $269  $259.00    Add to Cart     In stock, ready to ship.
SALE! - save $19.00 over buying separately.
INCLUDES: Double Wheel Hoe, Weeding Sweeps, and 4 cultivator teeth.

Free Shipping on orders over $60 to continental US   1 Year Warranty

The Hoss wheel hoe is the best equipped tool on the market. Use the weeding sweeps and the cultivator teeth to prep your garden and keep the rows clean all season.   All steel construction, finished off with a set of Amish made ash handles. This is a heirloom quality tool you can pass down to the next generation of gardeners.

Deluxe Hoss Wheel Hoe features...

  • Heavy-duty steel Frame
  • Rugged 15" Wheel(s)
  • Curved wooden handles
  • Set of Weeding Sweeps
  • Steel Cultivator Teeth
  • Can "straddle weed" see Sweeps

Be sure to watch the wheel hoe videos halfway down the page.   If you would like to see even more accessories, like the Plows, Disc Harrow, Planter attachment, or handle alternatives, please check out the complete Attachments page here.

So many of our customers were buying this mix of attachments that we decided to put it all together in this discounted "Deluxe" package. Save money over buying the items separately. If you want this model with a Seeder Attachment added in, click here. Or there are a few other combination packages which are listed here.


Customer Reviews of the Deluxe Wheel Hoe

"What the site says is what you get. No “different from what is pictured” or “you need this part for it to work” after you receive the item. The blades were sharp; the wheel hoe was in perfect shape. All of the extras this supplier includes (treated handles etc.) were perfect. I contacted the company with some questions about maintenance and got a prompt response. Not even an inconvenience to report. Great product from a great company, Oh and the tools work perfect."

Jeremy, from AL  

"Love the Hoss Wheel Hoe. Perfect tool to help keep the garden clean. Will be ordering more attachments soon."

J.B., from NC  

"I purchased the Deluxe Seeder Combination. Product is somewhat pricey but is made in the USA a big plus for me to buy. I felt by purchasing this package it would have everything needed to keep my garden from ground breaking to harvesting. Due to the drought this past year my garden did not produce as expected and did not use the wheel hoe as expected. What time I did use the Wheel Hoe I was satisfied with the outcome. If you are wanting a manual easy quick way to keep your garden clean I suggest the wheel hoe with the row sweeps. I also purchased the seeder and it performed very well, much easier than eyeing and bending for the placement of most seed. I am satisfied with the whole package and look forward to spring when all is new and we begin again. "

Lynn, from MO  

"My favorite tools are the sweeps. I was able to go all over my garden area and eliminate weeds before they got established. Tilling would have been over-kill. The sweeps were easy and quick. "

Jerry N, from US  

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Watch the Hoss wheel hoe at work...

Video about the new Sweeps:   Good demonstration and explanation of how the Weeding Sweeps work. Also a lot of examples of how to install them for different tasks, including some wild ideas near the end.


Video with Cultivator Teeth:   Nice short video showing the cultivator teeth being used to loosen the garden row soil for aerating and weed control. Both single and double wheel versions shown too.


This Deluxe package includes a set of Weeding Sweeps. They can be used with the tips facing each other for weeding garden rows. They can also be used on the Double Wheel model with the tips pointing away from each other for Straddle Weeding.

For full details on the use and design of the Sweeps, please visit the Sweeps page.

left and right Weeding Sweeps Hoss sweeps weeding a garden row sweeps in row weeding configuration sweeps is straddle weeding configuration

sweep spacing diagram straddle weeding diagram

One Year Warranty

  • The one year warranty covers any defects in materials or workmanship, with the exceptions stated below.
  • The warranty lasts one year from date of purchase.
  • The warranty does not cover discoloration caused by exposure to sunlight or chemicals.
  • Hoss will repair or replace any item that proves to be defective in materials or workmanship.
  • In the event repair is not possible, Hoss will either replace your item with a new item of similar composition and price, or refund the full purchase price of the item — whichever you prefer.

Contact us at 573-823-3539 and we will take any action necessary to correct problems covered by this warranty.

Wheel hoes have been used for so many generations for one reason: they work great!

When your garden is too big for hand hoeing and too small for a tractor, the Hoss wheel cultivator is the tool to use. It is the easiest way of manually cultivating, weeding, and seeding long rows of garden plants.

Recently published wheel cultivator experiences from Carol Deppe's popular book, The Tao of Vegetable Gardening
These days I handle all my weeding of my half-acre home garden with a wheel hoe and hand tools.....I can grow about about as much food on half an acre weeded with a wheel hoe and hand tools as on an acre spaced so that weeding between rows can be done with a rototiller.....When the weeds are tiny and tender, you can weed with a wheel hoe with a stirrup hoe attachment by just walking straight down the row about as fast as you would walk normally, pushing the Hoss hoe in front of you. Ideally, you keep your garden weed-free by making such quick, almost effortless passes over it frequently.....


What is the difference between a Wheel Hoe and a Wheel Cultivator?

Not much. Technically, a wheel cultivator only has cultivating teeth, and a wheel hoe is just a wheel cultivator with the addition of weeding blades for hoeing. But people use both names interchangeably. Another common name is a "Push Plow" which is a wheel cultivator with a plow blade attached. Other names are "Garden Cultivator" or "Push Cultivator" or even "Planet Jr", after the original manufacturer of this type of garden tool.


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