Snow Shovel Adapter

basic Shovelution adapter and clamps
scooping snow with the Shovelution
throwing snow with the Shovelution
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Ergonomic Snow Shovel Adapter

Shovelution - Easier & Safer

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The Shovelution's patented flexing design straightens for scooping and then springs for throwing the snow. It quickly attaches to any straight-handled snow or scoop shovel.

Save your back, protect your muscles, enjoy winter again!

Shovel Adapter features...

● Flexible spring design easily throws snow
● Scoop & throw with your arms, not your back
● Clamps onto straight handled D-grip shovels
● Position adjustable to match your arm length
● Also used on forks to scoop mulch or bedding
● Lifetime Warranty against breakage
Made in the USA


Customer Reviews of the Snow Shovel Adapter

"This is the best money I ever spent. My product came on Thursday and on Friday my are was hit with the great East Coast blizzard of 2016 with around 30 inches of snow. I shoveled the sidewalk and my 40 foot driveway with two buried calls and never had even a twinge in my back. To be sure I had some sore shoulders but I have never been able to shovel for even 30 minutes before having to quit and rest before doing more. I highly recommend this product, it does everything it claims to do. "

Donald, from US  

"Purchased item in summer. No snow to check it out, but assembled it and simulated shoveling. No stress on back. Lift by arms only. Not looking forward to snow, but it will definitely be easier."

Larry, in PA  

"I bought the Shovelution. I love it. Love love love it. I have a north-facing driveway that pitches downward toward the garage. It is the driveway from hell. BUT NOT ANYMORE. I can throw farther and faster than ever before. Clean-out time has decreased dramatically. Wet/heavy snow? YES. Dry/fluffy snow? YES. Back strain? NO. For the record, I'm a 55-year-old woman who has battled this blasted driveway for over 20 years. As far as the EasyDigging site is concerned, it was tremendously easy to navigate. I stumbled upon the Shovelution during a search, went to EasyDigging, watched video, read reviews and boom. Purchase done. Holy cow I wish I'd known about this ages ago. As long as I live in the midwest and no matter where I live in the midwest, the Shovelution is going with me. Period. Thank you so very much, EasyDigging, for a product that actually lives up to the description of easy digging. "

Lisa, from NE  

"Great product! Although we haven't had much snow since I bought it the 3 inch snowfall was a good test. Very easy on this 75 year old back of mine. I showed it to some neighbors and they thought it was a good idea."

Tommy B, in MI  

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See the Shovelution in action!

Shoveling snow. See other tab for more info.


Shoveling mulch. See other tab for more info.

Shoveling snow is at the very bottom of the "Best things about Winter" list. But still we have to go out there and clear those sidewalks and driveways. What ever happened to the teenagers who knocked on our doors with shovel in hand offering to shovel for 10 dollars?   If you have to do it, please do it safely. Here are some helpful tips...

First, be safe. Snow shoveling sends 11,000 people to the ER every year. Half of the visits are for sprains, strains, contusions, and stress injuries - these are the ones that the Shovelution can reduce. The other half are from things like slipping and falling, heart attacks, and cuts from accidentally hitting kids with the snow shovel blade.

Second, shovel often. Yes, it sounds weird - but it works. When the weatherman is calling for 10 inches of snow, plan on shoveling every time 2 or 3 inches piles up. Dealing with thinner amounts will let you push much of the snow close to where you want to pile it, and reduce the weight of snow you lift and toss onto the pile. Also it will provide many shorter easier workouts, instead of one long grueling effort. Short exertion with long breaks in between gives your muscles a chance to rest and recover.

When spring arrives, hook your Shovelution to your fork! It makes moving and loading of mulch and bedding easy.

Loading the wheelbarrow with soil, mulch, and compost is a classic garden activity. But that repetitive bend-scoop-lift-dump motion can be rough on your back. By attaching the Shovelution to your garden fork or scoop shovel you can eliminate the "bend" part of this routine.

If you have a stable, stall, or coop to clean out then this tool will make the lifting and loading of used bedding much easier. Afterwards, use the "throwing" ability of the Shovelution to quickly spread out a new layer of straw, sawdust, or other bedding.

Warranty: The Shovelution carries a lifetime warranty against breakage. If it fails under normal use, we will repair it, replace it, or refund your purchase price at our discretion. Please note that while our products are designed for outdoor use, cosmetic wear and surface rust may occur and are not covered by this warranty.


What sort of shovels can I hook this to?
Pretty much any straight-handled scoop, shovel, or fork - but it will work better on some than on others. It is NOT meant for those weird snowshovels with the bend or angle in their handles. It will definitely work well on snow shovels because they have a fairly long handle and a big D-grip. Scoop shovels and forks with D-grip handles are the next best fit, though their handle length tends to be a little shorter. Long handled digging shovels will be the rarest use, but it may be just the trick to ease an odd digging job.


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