Special Tools

An assortment of tools that did not fit elsewhere...

Rare tools! (some you will not find anywhere else in the US)

animation of versions of our garden cart

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Multi-purpose, transforming design lets this garden wagon do so many home and yard chores. Easily haul stuff around your garden or home. Makes a nice rolling garden seat!

● Large all-terrain tires that never go flat
● 400 pound weight capacity
● Flat bed adjusts from 30" to 38" long
● Never rusts - Never needs lubrication

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throwing snow with the Shovelution

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The Shovelution's patented flexing design straightens for scooping and then springs for throwing the snow. It quickly attached to any straight-handled snow or scoop shovel.

● Scoop & throw with your arms, not your back
● Clamps onto straight handled D-grip shovels
● Also used on forks to scoop mulch or bedding
● Lifetime Warranty against breakage

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Automatic jab planter with fertilizer applicator

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Quickly plant lots of corn, beans, sunflowers, etc. Can also side-dress with granular fertilizer at the same time. For large plots only, not for small gardens or seeds.

● Side-dress 3" away from seeds.
● Planting depth is adjustable.
● Fertilizer amount is adjustable.
● Soil must be a little loose.

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Hand Hoes

$17.95   Choose type   ▶   In stock, ready to ship.

Get up close to your plants and soil. We have both the Hand Mattock style, and the Fork Cultivator style. Both have 16" wooden handles and 9" long cast steel heads.

● Weed in beds & under shrubs.
● Cast steel heads.
● Till beds & flower gardens.
● Create planting holes.

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farmers own file, two views

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Farmer's Own tool sharpening file with integral (built-in) handle. Also known as a Reaper's File. For hoes, digging tools, mower blades, etc.

● Double-cut on one side for faster cutting.
● Single-cut on the other for a finer edge.
● 8" file area + handle = 12" long. Width = 1"
● Fits well in your pocket for a handy use.

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Where do you get your tools from?
Anyplace that offers great quality combined with usefulness. We do try to get US made tools when possible, and all our handles are from the USA. But we also have tools and components from Europe, South America, China, India, and Russia. No Australian made tools yet...we should look into that.


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