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Heavy duty digging spade
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HISCO garden spades with long and short handles

Garden Spade or Shovel

Stop breaking those wood handled spades!
No shovel is unbreakable, but these are close enough.

Pick a long or short-handled spade...

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Buy HISCO short garden spade HIGS2D

Short Garden Spade    
with Fiberglass D-handle

$49.90  Qty:
In stock, ready to ship.

● Professional Grade
● Overall Length = 40"
● Blade Width = 7"
● Weight = 4 pounds
● 14 gauge steel head
● Reinforced metal collar
● Fiberglass handle *details

D grip for easy spading and edging.



Buy HISCO long garden spade HIGS2L

Tall Garden Shovel    
with long Fiberglass handle

$54.90  Qty:
In stock, ready to ship.

● Professional Grade
● Overall Length = 59"
● Blade Width = 7"
● Weight = 4.7 pounds
● 14 gauge steel head
● Reinforced metal collar
● Fiberglass handle *details

Long handle for deep holes & tall people.

Why is this spade better?

It's better because it's stronger, because it is designed properly, and because it will last much longer than hardware store shovels. Made in the USA for the construction & landscaping industry.

A gardening shovel built this way will last a long time. Slice through sod and hard soil all day with no worries about handle breakage. You can leave it in the back of your truck all year, and it won't rot like a wooden handled shovel. The kind of use and abuse that will destroy half a dozen inexpensive wooden big-box store garden shovels will barely scratch this tool.

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Customer Reviews of the Garden Spades

Bought the long handle flat spade and the digging fork to replace wooden handle ones I had recently broken...these are probably the last I'll ever have to buy...smooth transaction and quick shipping. A+ Thanks!!

Fred U. from CT   5 star rating

The tools can withstand a direct nuclear blast, They will outlive all of us. Easy to handle, tines on fork were pliant enough to wiggle around stones, blade on spade cut through dense clay. Price - fantastic. I have gardened for over 60 years and except for two tools that I bought from England in the early 70's I have never had better than these and ... the tools from England are no longer available - the man who made them died.

BarbKatz from PA   4.5 star rating

I had a problem with the garden spade's handle, and the problem was quickly, efficiently, and cheerfully resolved. The product is excellent, and the service department is even better.

Jim from MI   4 star rating

High quality tools from a high quality company! I recently bought the straight spade to square-up my garden's sides with just the right angle. It's a very nice tool with a high quality, steel blade and strong handle that is very easy to use.

Jimin WA from WA   5 star rating

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Videos using the garden spade

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Video of spading a garden with a fork and a garden shovel.   Spading is loosening the soil WITHOUT turning it over or flipping it. Whether you use a fork or a spading shovel, the technique is the same.   Video Credit


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Edging with a long handled Garden Shovel.   This guy shows good technique for creating a crisp clean edge when landscaping. The "kick" method is pretty neat, but be sure to wear strong boots.

What is a Garden Spade used for?

This style is primarily a digging tool for cutting and penetrating sod and hard soil, but it can do a little scooping. The classical use for a garden spade is Double Digging long wide garden beds. But there is so much it can do! Check out our Many Uses of a Spade article.

Digging - The narrow flat blade works great for digging and slicing sod, especially if you file the blade sharp. In the garden it is used for general digging, for edging beds, and for spading (see description below).

Spading - is sinking the blade straight down then pulling (rocking) the blade back to loosen a slice of soil or sod. In construction it is used to form straight sided trenches and holes for drainage, utility, and foundation work.

Scooping - While a garden shovel can scoop and move material, the narrow blade does not have raised sides to keep much soil on the blade, and the fairly straight blade-to-handle angle (low lift) requires more bending of your back when scooping than other shovels types do. For scooping and moving lots of material, our square-point scoop shovel is a better choice.

Garden Spade Specifications

The 7" wide hollow-back blade (shovel head) is formed from one piece of thick 14 gauge carbon steel. It features rolled back steps for secure contact with your foot.

The professional grade handle has a thick fiberglass outer tube, with a solid fiberglass core in the critical lower area where head and handle connect.

Benefits of Fiberglass Handles...

HISCO fiberglass handle construction diagram
  • Greater strength pound for pound than steel.
  • They are very difficult to damage.
  • Resists impact, and is non-denting.
  • Will not absorb moisture or warp.
  • Will not conduct electricity.

HISCO's fiberglass handles have a legacy of premium performance. All HISCO handles are produced from thousands of continuous strands of fiberglass saturated with resins.They have a smooth polyester veil (coating) on the surface that gives the handle a smooth comfortable finish. The D-Grips, used on short handled tools, are made of one-piece high-density nylon.

The long handled digging shovels feature the 8-inch Tuffoam double-dip grips which have been designed for the toughest industrial applications. The grips have a comfortable non-slip foam exterior that provides long life and helps prevent hand fatigue.

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