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Working and Turning Garden Soil

Using Garden Forks and Spades

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Double Digging Garden Beds
Learn the classic method, and find out how this method became so popular.

Many Uses of a Garden Spade
Creating clean edging for flower beds, transplanting trees, removing sod, and more!

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More articles on using Digging Spades and Spading Forks.

Other Gardening related articles...

How To Loosen And Improve Clay Soil
Techniques to naturally convert your hard clay soil into a nice loam.

How to Grow Sweet Corn
Everything you need to know: varieties, planting, weeding, pollinating, and more.

Only 5 Types of Garden Hoes? Really?
There lots of hoes out there, but there are just 5 groups. See which is best for you.

How To Choose a Wheel Hoe
Details, attachments, and the pros and cons of wheel hoes and cultivators sold in the US.

Garden Seeders : A Buying Guide
Comparison of seeding methods and equipment. Includes walk-behind seeders and jab planters.